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Account NOT fixed, New problem

Playing last night, just finished ubers, get message 'input limit reached' get dc'd, try to log back in and get error 202 'you account has been disabled'.

Try again this morning, same message....WTF?
Edited by Nikki#6469 on 7/4/2013 6:50 AM PDT
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i thought i saw you login briefly this morning?

that aside. you are not appearing in my friends list at all (unless you deleted me :P). i think that is kinda strange. when Tifa got banned, she still appeared in my friends list as offline'. you are just not there
i sent a friend request thinking maybe if the account was disabled or something it would give a msg, but the request sent through.

the only obvious thing i can suggest is a ticket which you prob have already done. hopefully it gets sorted as you're too good of a player/person to quit. just need you to join us in the hardcore side :P
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Nope, tried to log in, got as far as putting the authenticator code in, then got the error message. Thought it was going to work as the error came up after putting my password in last night.

Ugh no didn't delete you...was just starting to get a decent friends list again :

Yeah opened a ticket as I thought Bliz sent an email when something like this happened....I have received nothing from them.

as for HC - with the probs I have with this game...hardcore is NOT an option :P
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stupid question, have u checked you junk mail?

i thought they sent an email about htis too. hopefully they give u a quick reply and get this sorted for you

added problems are an extra challenge for HC :P join us on the darkside
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Best bet is to send a support ticket to Blizzard and wait for a reply.

As Wazz suggested, check your mail including junk mail as it might be there.

Can only hope Blizzard addresses this issue as soon as possible.
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Hey Nikki this seems to me like a authenticator issue. Are you using a smart phone app or the tag.

The fact that you can use battlenet forums to post makes me think that's the problem, also can you log into your account on battlenet?


PS you missing from my friends list to
Edited by YDFWM#6389 on 6/29/2013 7:46 PM PDT
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THANK YOU YDFWM for helping with a speedy account fix.

YDFWM was right...it was an authenticator issue. Blizz fixed that but they are still working on the friends list...they can see when it happens, just not why...

Thanks to the ppl who have let me know they are having problems with their friends list - it's a relief to know it's not just mine. Hopefully blizz can sort this out for us asap :)
Edited by Nikki#6469 on 6/30/2013 5:23 AM PDT
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Had authenticator issue 2 weeks ago, using smartphone app, had to resync the app and it worked.
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New problem. Bliz say it's not my connection or theirs so what is it??


Thank you Archi for your help once again.
Edited by Nikki#6469 on 7/4/2013 7:16 AM PDT
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You're a ghost and D3 is haunted! Stay away!

Seriously though, I get that a bit on barb in FoM, but never that bad. I usually get dc'd if it goes on for too long. I'm guessing it's a desync issue - the client and server get out of sync and are unable to get back into sync. Sometimes it's a bug (e.g. barb movement speed fix a while back), but other times it's just a random thing.

Just try to keep tabs on when it happens (e.g. on certain skill activations, on certain maps, etc) and if there's a pattern let Blizz know.
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looks like could be a video card problem? seems weird to be not creating the whole map or something...
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LOL @ abend :P

Unfortunately the same thing happens every time, on all toons (inc new toons), skills, on all mp's and on all difficulties inc ubers. Most times I can run around town all I want and talk to ppl there. Most times I can use waypoint to get places. Latency seems to make no difference to problem.

Thx for all the in-game suggestions/support. Thank you also to YDFWM for his help in trying to solve this. So far we have tried:

Uninstalling/re-installing game
Change video/sound options
Drivers up to date
Dif toons, skills, MP's, difficulties, solo and multiplayer (2, 3 & 4 players) - same thing happens
Dif modem, internet/ISP and computers - same thing happens

Started new starter account to test - worked perfectly
SC2 runs perfectly

We have tried everything we can think of. Bliz have no idea what is wrong either

I am at a loss at what to do next..

Edit: Apparently I need to apologise to the people missing from my friends list again. Unfortunately I can't seem send or accept friend requests either. If you are missing, I didn't delete you and will add you back as soon as I am able.

Thanks again ppl for your patience, help and support through this.
Edited by Nikki#6469 on 7/4/2013 5:57 PM PDT
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Have you tried port forwarding? This used to happen to my Barb all the time, until I set up a port forward for Diablo 3. I still get it, but it recovers and resyncs very quickly.
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Dam, after all that troubleshooting, it really is bizarre.

I feel your frustration.

Regards, backpacker stayer at Leah's Inn.
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My money is on your internet connection - even though status bar is staying green - certainly not right.

The other week when doing ubers with you - you said that your latency was up at 400ms constantly....

I used to run on 3g dongle for playing and I also had these map box issues that you have shown in the Youtube clip.

Since I have improved my connection to 4g with its better speeds, my latency spikes have reduced and I haven't had any of these map load fails either... my two cents

Hope it all gets resolved soon
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It has been brought to my attention that I am not receiving all whispers sent to me and that some whispers I send are not going through. I apologise to everyone who thinks I have been ignoring them.

Ugh, the fun never ends...>.<

Break time until we get this all sorted...cyas in a week or 2 hopefully!
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Nikki if you wouldn't mind could you either post the conversations between you and blizz or if you don't want too I could give you my email or skype or something.

I want to gather info about what is going on here, going off the vid and the info from this thread it very much looks like a connection issue.(that's why you couldn't run all over the map, it wasn't rendering you moving). But you can you have tried it on another ISP.

What ISPs have you tried?

Basically I want to gather as much info as I can and then I'll talk to some people to look into it.

Swear someone needs to invent teleporters, would make tech support so much easier if you could just pop over to someones place to see the issues first hand.
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Hey Narull,

I would be happy to post everything on here but there are a few things that would have to be left out - skype might be easier....

I'll try to log in to D3 and send you a friend request....hit & miss whether it works though lol
Edited by Nikki#6469 on 7/7/2013 4:09 PM PDT
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Thanks for your help this morning Narull. It's nice to have an idea what is causing some of the problems.

It's also nice to know the friends list thing is a known issue and not just me!

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Msg me on skype when you're about Nikki, got some new tests to run.
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