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Community Design Thread: Thorns

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07/10/2013 08:17 PMPosted by Ender
Thorns should scale with Armor and/or resistances. It should be more aimed at players who use shields and stack defenses. It would be the first step in making sword and board viable again along with allowing Life Steal to roll on shields and/or fixing life regen and putting that high on shields.

Didnt know SnB wasnt viable....

% based is a very good idea.
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Turning thorns to % based of incoming damage (before mitigation and dex) is not a bad idea, I just don't see them going back and changing the affix on every item, could be a new affix i guess.

A barb can get to around 40k-45k thorn damage and will probably give up a lot of dps, if that was equal to 40%-45% damage reflect and a monsters attacks for 300k, they are returned 120k damage, that is very reasonable and would not kill anything quickly. It also solves the problem of trash getting killed too easily. Would be nice if it also reduced the incoming damage and thus have a defensive aspect.

I agree that we are not going to see thorn damage become very powerful, don't think they will allow an afk play style.
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From the diablofans.com transcript

DF: You talk about Thorns. Is it a good time to fix it in the itemization patch?

Thorns kind of touches on a broader topic, but as always it’s Thorns specifically. There are certainly some item affixes in our game that can use a little love. Thorns is certainly one of those. We actually think Thorns isn't a fundamentally flawed mechanic, it’s just that the tuning values that we currently have a little underwhelming. One of the things that we've already said we’re going to do in the future with Thorns…

We have been working internally to have Thorns scale with your primary stat, but we feel like we need to do a lot of playtesting to know whether it’s what we want. And in the grand scheme of things we’re trying to look at all the item properties and item attributes that are underwhelming. Other examples might be healing from health globes which has dubious value, or life on kill. And we want to look at all those properties and say ‘How can we make these more appealing?’ An example is the idea, which we've also experimented with internally, of having the Monk’s Breath of Heaven scale off of your healing from health globes stat. With things like that we want to go through all the properties that are underwhelming.
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There is no point to thorns.

There is no point to being different.

Sure thorns is underpowered and could use a buff, but what's the underlying issue?

There's no situation that ever beckons one to look for something different. The simplest solution is the one that works best: Just blow everything up with your 400k DPS.

Imagine I'm playing a D2 frozen orb sorceress, but there's no cold immunities. There aren't even cold resists. Imagine you can life leech off the orb. Why try a lightning sorceress? Why discover its particular strengths and weaknesses?

The game is so forgiving and simple, you can already solve every problem with just your DPS. People complain that loot is unrewarding, but everything is unrewarding, even exploring the game's mechanics.

That's the boat D3 is in. The problem with stuff like thorns is environmental. There's never any reason to use anything like that.

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