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MP10 Uber Carry: Free w/machines or 5M [OFF]

ONLINE STATUS: OFFLINE for uber runs at the moment. Feel free to add me with "Uber Run Gold or "Uber Run Machines" and when I'm on I will accept and message you when I'm doing another batch of these.

I look forward to hearing from you :-)

Why do an Uber Carry?
The main reason to do an uber carry is to obtain a Hellfire ring: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/jeweler/recipe/#type=ring

More about the infernal machine event can be found directly from Blizzard here:

Some may want their first ring for the bonus 35% to experience gained, some may want a second for their follower for a bonus 7% experience, and some may just want another, better roll as 4 of the stats are randomly determined.

This ring is great for leveling a character and can even be used on a level 1, making an extremely overpowered starter character. Also, the Hellfire attack, which has a 15% chance to proc, will one shot most everything through nightmare difficulty.

If you get a good roll, it could be quite good for a higher level character as well due to the base 170 - 200 stat. The way it works is very similar to crafting an Amulet of [Stat] except much harder to get the ingredients!

For most, the goal is to get a ring that doesn't lose too much DPS while allowing them to paragon level faster.

Why do an uber as a carry as supposed to by yourself?
The answer is simple: the uber bosses only drop an organ (of which you need one of each three types for a Hellfire ring) at a rate consummate to the Monster Power (MP) level you are playing on. If you play on MP1, there is only a 10% chance of the organ dropping. If you play on MP10, there is a 100% chance, that is, the drop is guaranteed.

Most players can't defeat the ubers on MP10. Even if you could beat them at a lower difficulty, you wouldn't be guaranteed a drop. By having me carry you, you insure that for each machine, or appropriate sum of gold, you WILL get the organs necessary to craft the Hellfire Ring.

Service details:
All games are pre-cleared.

I pride myself on providing a super fast stacking experience. This means there are 5 or more elite packs located and reduced to only one member who is weakened and near death (except for health link of course!). The same can be said for the keywarden, which is included on all these runs. In some cases an event or resplendent chest may be substituted for an elite pack. In some cases, there are bonus packs, it all depends on the specific run. There will always be at least 5 valor stacks + the keywarden.

I own these uber bosses, having done over a hundred of these carries. Soloing them is fast and efficient and we won't have to restack.

How long does it take?

Once you are in the run, the whole process takes between 10 and 20 minutes. I kill each uber boss in about 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes 15 seconds each if I'm soloing, usually longer if someone wants to fight with me.

1. We say hello and I make sure you are familiar with the concept of lobbying (more on that later)
2. We get our stacks from the weakened elites. This is important as uber bosses will not drop the organ if you do not have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR BUILD ONCE WE START STACKING!
3. It is helpful to type your stacks as we go. I will often ask: Stacks? then type mine. Freak stuff does happen where a player didn't get credit for an elite and if something like this does occur, it's best if we all know about it before someone misses out on a key.
3. We kill the weakened key warden
4. We (usually just I) kill the ubers.

Free with your three machines.

Three machines equals one free pass for one person. If you have a group of two or three and three machines, then one of your party is free but the other(s) would still have to pay the gold price outlined below.


1.75 million in game gold per machine you are short


5 million in game gold per person for an entire run with zero machines.

When do I pay?
If paying with machines, no payment is necessary. Merely open the portals when requested. It is appreciated if you msg me the machines at the start of the game to verify that you have three.

If paying with gold:
You can pay upfront


1 million after opening the first portal but before the fight

2 million after opening the second portal but before the second fight

2 million after opening the third portal but before the third fight

That said, when you play the game you're committing to paying the full amount. No ala carte bosses :-P

What you need:
No experience necessary!

You can be Level 60 no paragon and naked of any gear and you will still get your loot and (probably) not even die.

I will kill the elites for you so all you need is to show up with the machines or the required gold.

Things you need to know:
How to "lobby"
1. We will open a portal
2. You will then press the escape [esc] key
3. Select "Leave Game"
4. Now you are in the party lobby. You will hang out here until the uber is almost dead.
5. I will call you back with "Back" or something similar
6. You will promptly press "Resume Game"
7. I will kill the uber
8. You will then flag me or enter the portal and collect your organ and the loot.

Though it takes between 1:30 to 2:15 to kill each boss, you have to remain alert for the callback. It gets dangerous waiting in there as almost all of my sustainability comes from lifesteal. If I have to stop attacking in order to preserve the kill for you, I'm vulnerable and I lose wrath, so a prompt callback is appreciated.

Why do I have you lobby?
Because it's faster. The bosses get an additional 50% hitpoints per player that enters the portal. If you can't compete with MP10 ubers and either die or are not making a big DPS contribution, they will take significantly longer to kill than if I do it alone.

I have the DPS to kill any set of uber bosses with 3 players who die immediately, it just takes 2.5 times longer, which is a waste of everyone's time.

But I'm awesome. Can I fight the ubers with you?
Yes. With the caveat that if you don't perform, you will lobby for subsequent fights and let me solo the remaining bosses. Performing isn't simply staying alive, it's making an overall DPS contribution. This is somewhat subjective. Simply running around avoiding damage isn't helpful as you have just added 50% to the boss health but are doing nothing or little to DPS down that health. That said, if you've never fought them before and want to feel how powerful they are, I will honor that request at least once.

Sign me up!
If this interests you, send me a friend request in game ( brknhourglas#1377 ) with "Uber Run machines" or "Uber Run Gold." And we'll message about run availability. I also broadcast my runs to my friends list and will try and keep this post updated with online and pre-clear status.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here or in game.

If my status is DND or AFK, PLEASE DON'T BE OFFENDED IF I DON'T RESPOND RIGHT AWAY. I often leave the game open to check the auction house and such quickly even when I'm not really on the computer. In this case, I am not there and I will get back to you when I return.

An unfortunate note about friends...
Diablo 3 only allows 100 people on your friends list. This is a real problem for me and so often find myself in the position of having to delete people I would prefer to be friends with from my list in order to make room for new people requesting a carry. If I end up deleting you from my list, PLEASE DON'T BE OFFENDED. In fact, it would be a huge help to me, especially if doing a hellfire run is a one time thing for you, if you would just remove me as a friend after the run. If you ever need me again, just find me here and add me again with your request in the message and I'll add you again. Removing people isn't ever personal, just an unfortunate necessity :-( If you feel like you'll be making regular and frequent runs using this service, please say so at the game's conclusion and I'll make a note of it and avoid removing you.

I look forward to slaying demons with you :-)
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EDIT: OFFLINE NOW but thanks to everyone who participated in the runs!
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Very great fast run.
All precleared.
So smooth and prepared very nice.
If your need ubers done this is your guy.

Will be coming back for sure.
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amazingly fast run all precleared and ever uber i got an organ was amazing will be hitting him up again to do more
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EDIT: OFFLINE NOW but thanks to everyone who participated in the runs and double thanks to everyone who left feedback here in this thread!
Edited by brknhourglas#1377 on 6/29/2013 8:45 PM PDT
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Fast and Reliant, everything is already set up and all u gotta do is join room, get 5 stacks (already set up) and boom got a hellfire ring :D
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Great carry, very professional and fast.
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Just did my 2nd run with Hourglass, both times very professional, fast nephilim stacks and ubers kills. Will be coming back again and again.
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EDIT: OFFLINE NOW but thanks to everyone who participated in the runs!
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EDIT: OFFLINE NOW but thanks to everyone who participated in the runs!
Edited by brknhourglas#1377 on 7/1/2013 3:04 PM PDT
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EDIT: OFFLINE NOW but thanks to everyone who participated in the runs!
Edited by brknhourglas#1377 on 7/2/2013 5:20 AM PDT
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EDIT: OFFLINE NOW but thanks to everyone who participated in the runs!
Edited by brknhourglas#1377 on 7/2/2013 4:25 PM PDT
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sent you a msg ingame
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Was very fast and efficient. Will be using this service again!
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EDIT: OFFLINE NOW but thanks to everyone who participated in the runs!
Edited by brknhourglas#1377 on 7/3/2013 4:24 AM PDT
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Another great run. Even faster then before.
Took about 10-12mins even with more then 5 elite packs.
All precleared.
Waiting for preclear now so we can go again.
Worth the money for sure.
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