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Fierce Loyalty Builds Anyone?

New WD here. Actually, I am a total noob. I had originally asked for some advice on these forums a while ago. Great advice, but I honestly cannot believe the prices for CC, CD, and IAS gear on the AH.

Because I absolutely refuse to pay real money for in-game gold and virtual items, this led me to try out a fierce loyalty build. After all, anything with "thorns" seemed to be going VERY cheap on the AH.

Honestly, this seems to be working rather well. I am having little to no problems at all on Act III MP 5 as a low level paragon. Best thing is that all my gear cost me less than 1.5 million in total -- (gloves were a drop).

My question is this: given that my gear is incredibly subpar and cheap, has anyone actually tried a fierce loyalty pet build with true elite gear in MP 8-10 and at higher paragon? To be honest, I think I could quite easily increase my damage to 120K+, my life to 55K+, and my thorns to 18K-20K+. Would that not be at least decent for higher MP?

Thoughts appreciated.

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i like your thinking. it's good to be visionary and think outside the box.
that said, there is a reason that thorns gear is so cheap.
it simply is not practical if you're playing to optimize your time spent and gear up for MP10.

the entire way of playing if you're trying to gear up / grind paragon levels is to get through a "run" as quickly as possible. you should be nearly one shotting normal mobs and finishing elites in 2 minutes (while maintaining enough EHP) max to get the best results. i just don't see thorns performing well enough to that.

though, i've never looked into a thorns build so i might be wrong ;)
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OP, I run a max-thorns build on MP10, so yes it is possible but gearing is very difficult. Thorns don't kill anything at high MP, it is Plague Bats that does all the killing. Thorns are only useful in keeping the pets an myself alive.

I would say this - if you are a casual player and like the gearing challenge than you can definitely continue to work on your build, when the itemization patch finally arrives the thorn affix is going to get a significant buff. Although I only use the GAH and never purchased gold, MP10 thorn gear is just as expensive as any other MP10 gear - just harder to find :)
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I don't know much about thorns, but I'd like to offer some encouragement.

I also refuse to pay real money for virtual items. Everything on my doc is either found or bought with gold I made from AH sales and from farming. I'm not quite mp10 material yet, but I can very comfortably farm mp8, and sort of comfortably play mp9, and survive mp10 (but with terrible efficiency).

Just keep working hard at it, start with the best gear you can afford and upgrade as funds become available.
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I run a pet build using cloud and firebombs as main attack while pets tank. I can solo MP9 slowly and no problems on MP8 which is what I farm the most. I have tried to max thorns and while I did some testing on just letting the pets do the work, the issue I ran into is you get diminishing returns by trying to find gear that has high thorns as well as decent main stats. The other issue with a pet build is that you will need life regen and trying to balance both out became a pain to the point that I started sacrificing DPS and life to have those stats in the gear. Crafting gear with thorns is another issue...

I do not run any of the other passives that benefit pets because they tank just fine at MP8 and 9 without them. OP, I checked your build and its very similar to mine... a couple of suggestions.
I recommend you try out firebombs instead of bats as main attack, particularly roll the bones rune. It is cheap on mana and the damage penetrates much better than bats as it has a radius effect when it hits the ground. I also recommend trying out cloud. While it doesn't stack on the ground, the leech you get off it keeps you alive and it is a much faster skill to use as opposed to grasp. As for hex, I say try voodoo for added damage with elites.

As for gear, you have no pick up radius... which is a huge benefit for using grusome feast, because this lets you pick up globes faster and boosts your damage much faster in heated battles and at times saves your azz from dying when you can't walk to the globe to pick it up. Manajumas set is nice but the Thing works best with grusome feast.... I tried every mojo in the game. Jumas gives more damage with the same CC but giving up the pick up radius is hard and tryin to stack it hard on gear. You need at least 12 or more to be on safe side

The issue you are goin to run into is that you don't have any life regen other than from the passive skill which isn't enough once you get past MP6. I use PTV for added damage. But I do plan to switch it once I bring up my damage. Anyways enuff of my rant. Feel free to add me if you like. Its not too often I see people using pet builds.
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I also run a pet build, but without Fierce Loyalty. You might want to try that and save that passive slot for something else. It took me quite a while to make that decision but after junking it, I never looked back.

[IMHO, Blizzard could consider making Fierce Loyalty an innate skill, rather than make us WDs sacrifice a slot for it]

BTW, my WD is quite vigilant in gobbling up health globes to keep everyone alive :)
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