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I'm not a douche, and I actually care about my viewers. I do a bunch of giveaways to stimulate the new and the elite players gold so they can get even more funds to make their characters amazing. I've given out so many cc mempos, trifecta nat rings, high dps open socket EFs, etc. I don't sell myself out for viewers or money. I simply want everyone to learn about the game and get their characters geared up to where they can farm high MPs efficiently. Come join us at:


Also, I am not sponsored by D3Geeks, and get funds for giveaways the legitimate way.

Referral system:

For every person you invite, have them register their battletag in my stream, post on here with their twitch name and you and the new person you invite will obtain special prizes. This post will be updated and checked every 24 hours.
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[Reserved post for referral system]

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Vouch. been following for 3 months and got enough free gear to build a full cm wiz that can do mp10. what did i have to do? nothing just watch and have fun. free set building of your choice and price range. free gear checks. lots of fun in chat. Come join
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Vouch. Answered a ton of questions for me.
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Great streamer! Always doing giveaways for people! Honored to vouch for him.
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Awesome stream!
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Vouch. This stream is legit, the streamer (motivation) really care about his viewers, and is very interactive!
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93 Troll Shaman
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bump, this guy has a squishy !@#$%^ ewww la la
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bump for best stream, always helping viewers. the giveaways are pretty sweet too! wish I woulda won that GG ef
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100 Tauren Death Knight
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i joined a week ago and these guys have helped me alot nothing but good to say
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This guy is a great player, always willing to help others out and has made the community a better place overall for new and seasoned players! Hopefully you'll check him out and enjoy some good times and a few laughs!
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90 Dwarf Priest
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Vouch. Totally legit. Give aways all the time. Siminimis referred me to your stream.

twitch name: robabs - battle tag: robab#1930
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Awesome stream to watch. Super-interactive, great give aways. siminimis Siminimis#1737

Recruited - 6
robab - robab#1930 CR3W MEMBER!!!
jlw2200 - TomBrady#1941
Freshchico - FreshChico#1224
Kverhulp - morsh#1351
SicSkater - SicSkater#1381
Xtal4326 - Omni#1242
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stream rocks, give aways are sweet TomBrady#1941 referred by Siminimis#1737, my twitch name is jlw2200
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YO come support the stream. Mot is awsome mad give aways. you will win.
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ready to help, concerned and fun are the terms I would use to describe the stream and the members involved in it. I have been here for a very long time and have seen the stream grow not just in numbers but also in quality of the content. The prime essence of any stream is to care for its viewers and I find that a lot here. Every person even other viewers are always helpful. I myself am the proof of 1000's of helps received from many of them...

I believe this stream justifies the title Crew :P
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Just started watching this stream , great music , very chill and friendly people! must watch.
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55 Gnome Death Knight
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very nice stream thanks for doing giveaways and being aweosme!
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