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Still no Team Deathmatch. I want a refund.

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Good luck getting a refund on a game you've been playing for over a year.
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07/02/2013 07:31 AMPosted by PooN
lol.. but seriously they had a demo of 4v4 team death match before the game was released.. enough of the bs release it. My money is they will release it with the expansion pack to lure people back in. cash cow

they milk all they can, see console version they try to hype lol, d3 is really just a cash cow ;<
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You will most likely not be able to get a refund at this point so just get your vengeance by not purchasing any expansions.
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I also want a refund. Removing PvP before the game's release and then promising it will come soon after. They say it will be free of charge, but I can bet PvP will only come out in the expansion.

I feel scammed. Broken promises and hopes that were satisfied. I'm an unsatisfied customer and, for all I care, want a refund too.
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The PVP team deathmatch is going to be crap anyway so I do not see why you are all so concerned about it. Could you imagine how bad team deathmatch would be if it is released in its current state. Laughable! That is why it isn't released.

After maybe a major overhaul it may be released one day and probably with the expansion.

Where is the actual evidence that pvp team deathmatch was promised? I just remember PVP was and we got brawling. Because it was shown hyped up prior to the game? Have you ever heard of the game Fable?
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07/02/2013 11:16 AMPosted by Noxifer
Where is the actual evidence that pvp team deathmatch was promised?

Maybe read throughout the thread, not just the original post? Maybe?!
These two advertisements were the selling point for me. Both were posted several days prior to the release of the game, the video (which is a trailer, a form of advertisement) is still available, the post (which is called "What is Diablo3", another form of advertisement explaining what the game contains) got edited twice, however I am keeping print screens of pretty much anything Blizzard are announcing.

You don't get to sell something to people and then several months later you decide you will not deliver.

Wow ok that actually is pretty deceptive and unethical saying post launch with that advertised in that manner. The only way that would not be unethical is if they announced that team arenas would be cancelled before the release of the game.

Post launch is pretty ambiguous though and could mean 10,000 years from now and the company may not even be in business by then. While you may not have anything legally because of the ambiguity, that is still not the highest in ethics to hold out on something so long that was promised to come later with your purchase. I think most people thought we would get team arenas with purchase at around winter 2012.

Like I said this will just have to influence your future purchases.
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Look, they won't let us request a sticky. As usual!
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07/02/2013 11:56 AMPosted by Noxifer
Post launch is pretty ambiguous though and could mean 10,000 years from now

It should be somewhere between now and the expansion. We shouldn't have to buy the expansion in order to get a feature for which we already payed for.

Hey anything can happen in a court of law and I am not saying it is impossible to get a refund but it will be an uphill battle. If they give the refund to one person then people will be demanding that they also get the refund so I doubt it will happen out of the goodness of the company's hearts.
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3300 Elite kills...LOL you don't play right now or in the past... go away. Oh and good luck on a refund for a game you have had for I am guessing 6 months.
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Rooks Keep

You should see this game's in-game settings. Their idea of a pvp arena vs Diablo3.
Team Last Man standing, if you want to you can have 4 separate teams consisting of 2 players each and set the lives of each player to whatever you want. Game supports 32 players though so you can even do 8 different teams, with 4 players each in team.
You can even set the number of rounds.

In Diablo3 sense you could have a 2 vs 2 match that's best out of 5 rounds where each round is determined by which team wipes which team first, after which each team spawns with full health/spirit or whatever, Kinda like counterstrike.

Or you could have 3 rounds where it's a rush to 10 kills.

It's your choice, which atm there's absolutely none. The least Blizzard could of done is add a "free fight" and classic ffa deathmatch with kill count.
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Seven pages in this troll thread? This is really sad....
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