Diablo® III

Still no Team Deathmatch. I want a refund.

Protest and don't get the expansion so the rest of us don't have to see more stupid threads like this one.
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07/01/2013 04:49 PMPosted by Keltest
Otherwise people will just get frustrated that the time they put into getting their current gear was a waist of time

ive never understood this mentality. Better gear existing does not make your current gear any worse, you aren't suddenly incapable of farming what you could previously. Unless you were literally top in the game, better gear likely existed anyway.

I wholeheartedly agree - not to mention future patches and expansions are 100% guaranteed to make existing gear irrelevant. Look what happened with new craftables for examples.

Isn't it better to get new content and new gear rather then keep the same old forever just so a few hardcores who are going to play anyways don't get mad?

I've almost hit the gear wall already and so have many others. Go ahead, make my gear invalidate, at least you open up a whole new reason for me to play.
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I agree we are owed this but not sure what we can do. Asking for a refund over this is stupid unless you literally have played < 20 hours while waiting for this. Even then you'll never get it.

I do however believe it is still coming - that is afterall what they said last time this came-up.

I also know for a fact most of the complainers don't really care about this at all - they just want a reason to complain about blizzard.
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Seven pages in this troll thread? This is really sad....

Well I don´t know why you are akting so surprised ...

PvP may not be THE most major part of this franchise but it is nevertheless a very importand one.
It is some sort of endgame for the very well geared that get tired of a so called game where you don´t die anyway and feel like doing the job if a bot or watching a movie with no storyline while leasurly moving the mouse form side to side moving the mouse.
ww barb anyone? Thats what it feels like if geared properly.

Anyway thats not the only point ... PvP is THE Endgame for some people since you don gear the same as for PvM, you hone your skills collekt the right items or buy them, make a team discuss strategies or whatever ....
Thats the difference from pvp to pvm, pvm gets boring pretty fast since there is no endgame.
In PvP gearing is not the goal but means to achive something and even if its just to prove that the others suck and you rule (or your team)
New gear is released and while you play PvM, you ma ask for what?
To Kill Ghom Mp 10 in 5 seconds instead of 11?
In PvP new gear means better chances in the battle if you obtained it fast enough 4 ex. or a reason to farm PvM to get it.
And even if u say, that you don´t care ... OTHERS DO!
We were promised awesome team PvP with matchmaking what not, then it got posponed.
And then after half a year they cancell it all, telling us they will come up with something ..
And we didn´t get anything, no news about any progress, no ideas NOTHING AT ALL!
And thats why people feal angry enough to open up or post in this kind of rage threads.

Construktive threads are useless, a blue response is like hearing God himself talk to you
And if you get one it will be: "Oh yeah sound very nice, it´s something we talk about alot in the office ... you name it."
Or the blue just misses the whole point of the thread.

Example? The Thread about implementing a "no pickup" funktion, by enabling that the player has to press a button so that he can pick up that.
Reason: Not to disturm flow of combat when you want to move somewhere and click on some white trash or whatever, cuase of the animationa dn because it makes cour charakter move not exactly to the desired destination causing him to step in arcane beams, frozen orbs, or whatever.
Or jsut interrupting a series of attacks jsut to pick up something wich can cause deaths in some situations (rarely) but is allways an annoyance.

Blue: Bla, bla, bla bla, we will fix itemisation and loot and make it so every objekt is desireable to pick up (thats actually what he said, well the meaning is)

That was not the point... making less drops or better or even everything desirable to pick up still doesn´t solve the problem that picking up loot is for AFTER the battle not in the middle of it.

But since they are to dumb to even understand, much rather implement even SUCH an super simple option ... PvP is screwed guys, we won´t be seing it in this life I guess.
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tbh I really miss global hostile.
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07/02/2013 02:10 PMPosted by TheNightOwl
I also know for a fact most of the complainers don't really care about this at all - they just want a reason to complain about blizzard.

You may be right in most kases and ven if you are in this kase...
It does not make it any less valid, now does it?
PvP was promised, advertised posponed.
I though we were talking about a month or two since I sisn´t think it was a major thing since I mean ... heck they made such a fuss about it, it must have bean ready allready.
There were videos showing it so I thought it was rather a technicall problem ore some minor balancing.
Infact that PvP was not in the game means the develloppers must have known from the start that class, skill balance and itemisation are messed up, cause they are the only reason there no PvP here yet, or am I missing something?

Yet they released the game wich was so full of bugs and loopholes and so unbalanced ...
Since then they are busy fixing it
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07/02/2013 12:39 PMPosted by Azamo
3300 Elite kills...LOL you don't play right now or in the past... go away. Oh and good luck on a refund for a game you have had for I am guessing 6 months.

I stopped playing after I beat Inferno pre nerf. When it was relatively difficult. I beat the monsters and decided I would play again when the arenas came...and they didn't. I logged in once to celebrate the leaving of Jay wilson (check the date) and injected my gold into the economy for some people with really crappy roles as a good gesture. The brawling thing came around but I was truley invested with my friends to start our own PVP team and guild. All we know now is that it is shelved. No updates. Nothing.
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My guesses? The next major content patch:
  • will be announced at BlizzCon in November;
  • will drop late in 2013/early in 2014;
  • will include the revamped skill and item systems,
  • will finally allow them to balance the game properly, making proper PvP content possible.

The next patch after that might include the team deathmatch mode; it'll certainly be in the 1st expansion pack, along with more story, an additional class or two, and maybe additional PvP modes. Apparently, the Blizzard team have rediscovered their love of the modding community, so look for an offline play mode and mod tools sometime next year, as well.

In the meantime, in a bid to keep PC players engaged in spite of a lack of details or substance from the developers, the Blizzard team will finally engage in more community outreach, although mainly through fansite interviews and podcasts, rather than through the forums; perhaps the atmosphere here is just too toxic. Look for only discussions of generalities and game design philosophy, though, and no detailed info about the next patch or first expansion until late October at the earliest. Also, look for Blizzard to stop using phrases like "talking about" when discussing game features; apparently, they've also finally twigged to the fact that the community hates this phrase.

  • http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/the-future-of-diablo-3-fansite-summit-mega-report
  • http://diablo.somepage.com/news/1578-no-major-content-patch-is-in-development-for-diablo-iii
  • Speculations are my own, naturally, although unlikely to be unique to me.

    Sad how ppl still think that blizz cares about player base...
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    ... I will never return again to this disgrace of a game.

    So, you have 3k elite kills, haven't experienced any UBERS, made a hellfire ring, farmed gear for PvM or PVP, or brawled with random people. And now you return wanting capture the flag or BG's or arenas in a Diablo franchise game which has NO subscription fee. You want your money back over a year after purchase. Like the others have said, you had 30 days for a full refund, let it go. Stop being a child throwing a tantrum, you are an adult now. Just wait until you have to repay all those student loans and cannot find a job. Then ask the University for a refund and let us know how well that works out.
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    07/02/2013 12:01 PMPosted by Rage

    It should be somewhere between now and the expansion. We shouldn't have to buy the expansion in order to get a feature for which we already payed for.

    Hey anything can happen in a court of law and I am not saying it is impossible to get a refund but it will be an uphill battle. If they give the refund to one person then people will be demanding that they also get the refund so I doubt it will happen out of the goodness of the company's hearts.

    Nobody will sue for a refund, because it's simply not worth it. It costs around $300 just to file the necessary paperwork in a Court of Common Pleas, not including attorney's fees.

    Which is why most people who try to sue game developers opt for a class-action lawsuit, but Blizzard's current EULA for D3 can have those dismissed before discovery.

    So at the end of the day, yes, anything can happen in court... but nothing is going to happen because nobody in their right mind would spend $500+ to sue a company because they aren't satisfied with a $60-$150 purchase. You could do it on principal, but you're going to spend thousands fighting a battle you can't win.

    The only reason brawling is in the game at all is to fulfill their obligation of providing a PvP model to the game. A court isn't going to care about the form the content takes... only the fact that it's there. It doesn't matter what anyone was expecting out of PvP... you can battle other players, and the Scorched Chapel is considered a combat arena. Blizzard has lawfully fulfilled their end of that agreement.

    It sucks. But everyone has to deal with it. You all need to learn your lesson and stop buying games until you're sure of what you're getting. I'm rarely disappointed with a purchase because I research what I buy beforehand. D3 didn't live up to my expectations at the end of the day, but I played it for a few hundred hours total, so I can't really complain. Hopefully it's better in a few years after a couple dozen more patches and maybe a decent expansion.
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    Why do you care? You wouldn't survive a fart in PvP
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    07/02/2013 04:45 PMPosted by Noxifer
    The only reason brawling is in the game at all is to fulfill their obligation of providing a PvP model to the game. A court isn't going to care about the form the content takes... only the fact that it's there.

    That would only prove, that the court is ignorant.
    This is not the PvP that we payed for, not the PvP that was advertised. Hell, I can't even form up a party, I am attacking my friends by accident. No matchmaking system, I have to join random games on my own. Brawling, the biggest joke of a PvP ever...

    That's the point. Is doesn't matter what you want... only that Blizzard proves they released the content they promised in one form or another.

    Justice is blind. There is no common sense in court... only the preponderance of the evidence. If a murderer is on trial, but the only evidence that proves what he did without reasonable doubt was obtained illegally, and therefore is not permitted into evidence, the court must rule that there is not enough evidence to prove without reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of that crime.

    Your argument is that you didn't get what you wanted. Blizzard's argument would be that you knowingly purchased the game sans PvP, and that you agreed to the terms set forth by the EULA which state that they can add and remove features in whatever form they wish whenever they wish, and that since you agreed to those terms, (proven by the fact that you can't play the game WITHOUT agreeing to those terms), that your claim is invalid. They would file a motion for dismissal, and that dismissal would likely be granted on the basis of them providing the features promised, albeit not in the form that you desired.

    All anyone can do is deal with it, bro.You're not going to get a refund. You're not going to force a CM to come onto these forums and state whether or not PvP in the form you desire is on the way and when it will be released if it is. You're not going to get any form of "justice" for what you consider false advertising. It's an entirely hopeless situation. You just have to bend over and take it. Everyone got screwed in the deal... and a lot of us have stopped playing the game. Join us, or quit yer !@#$%in'.
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    OP Here. My Support ticket answer:

    Hi there,

    This is Game Master Gariswar and I will be assisting you today.

    Please be advised that we will not be able to provide you a refund for Diablo 3, as again this was purchased over a year ago and the game was played and used. I understand your sentiment in regards to a feature not being implemented, however we are not able to refund the purchase based on a feature that was not implemented into the release of the game.

    Additionally, customer support is not able to provide further insight into your discussion regarding false advertising. You are welcome to contact our legal offices, however please keep in mind that they will not be able to refund the game price to you.

    I appreciate you contacting us, and if you need any additional assistance please reply to this ticket.

    I just sent in my ticket revoking all EULA for this game and any other games I have with Battlenet as well as requesting all personal information Deleted. This is my last post.

    Fellow gamers good bye its been fun. Blizzard...you have disgusted me for the last time.
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