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Worse item on player above you


@ reaper - inna's pants should be +str - you ain't in hardcore don't need that much vit!
fizzmopper's amulet sucks
07/02/2013 08:48 AMPosted by euphrat
fizzmopper's amulet sucks


( I also got a trifecta str one I swap on when I farm mp7 or lower)
Fizz, you could use a shield with a socket for that HC character of yours. :P
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DMT - lera's manti only has one socket. FAIL!
07/02/2013 08:56 AMPosted by hal8999
DMT - lera's manti only has one socket. FAIL!

Touche' Having trouble finding one with 2 for the right price that actually increases my damage. LOL

But all of them are fully geared (all 5 classes). There are worse things to be plucking. ;)

As for you Hal:

Not sure if there is a worse item. Those all look pretty well, ammy is a bit weak, could have better AS on it, but nice all the same. Only thing I see you could benefit from would be more all resistance added to one of your items maybe. Nice Monk.
Ehh...doesn't work well when you start rating each other, but agreeing with DTM hal's bracers or shoulders could use 60+ AR. Solid everything, regardless.

Before anyone makes "fun" of my OS Manti, it's SF. LOL

Nat's ring needs CC/CD.
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@DarrelShark ur WH could be better and I try another shot on shoulders and bracers , Ilike ur gloves a lot :D

Either your gloves, try for trifectas and make up the AR elsewhere. Or your skorn. LS seems pretty low.
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