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I was looking at your guide again (it is very good and I keep coming back) and saw a few uber solo videos. Would be great if you have time to expand it a little and include what a COB WD should expect/look out for when fighting against the different pairs of Ubers =D

Also maybe when soloing, which of the uber should I kill/focus on first? Or what skills/techniques can I use to handle the ubers better?
*read your tip on using Horrify to corner Magda, not tried it yet but I'll definitely give it a go. SK+Magda gives me the biggest headache*
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07/16/2013 06:49 AMPosted by EremiteAngel
I was looking at your guide again (it is very good and I keep coming back) and saw a few uber solo videos. Would be great if you have time to expand it a little and include what a COB WD should expect/look out for when fighting against the different pairs of Ubers =D

Thanks, and good feedback. I just realised I didn't write and video log any of the Uber fights. I'll do a new set of recordings after the maintenance or tomorrow.

While waiting, just to share some pointers about MD/SK-
1) SK will begin with his usual swipes, so you can go for MD first if you want to cut down on the timer. After her first bubble (75% mark), she's immune to all damage and we must kill SK first, including all his skeletons. Can fear MD into the top left corner right at the beginning, and SK will teleport right in

2) The big open corners are best to fight MD, just hold channel even as she bubbles and her minions will all spawn around you to get killed. Don't even release the channel to cast MC or BBV. Just hold at max channel if you're lucky enough to have such a good corner fight against MD. There are 3 "death stairways" to avoid - SK spawn stairway, and the bottom-left and bottom-right stairways. In these places, the chances of her throwing an arcane right at your feet are extremely high. If you choose to tank that arcane epicentre, you will need FA and then SW. Even so, you need to move after 8 secs (I jokingly call it the "half-tank" rule).

3) When SK raises his weapon vertically, he's going to do his "walk". FA can tank it, but it's pointless, each hit breaks the channel so we lose a lot of mana fighting head-on. Much better to just disengage and walk around.

4) When SK teleports away from you, just hold channel, he is going to summon his minions around you, take the chance to kill the bowmen fast while the melee skeletons walk to you. Then SK will teleport back next to you. If he hits, he will interrupt your channel and force you to recast - but that's alright because the mobs and SK are just next to you to continue your battle.

5) Everytime MD comes near, coinciding with the breaking of channel or the need to reposition, just FA and "shoo" her away. Each FA can keep her away for maybe 5-10 secs. To reposition fast, you can use the SW + FA (similar to SW + Hex against ZK boss) to chase MD away and come back to fight SK.

6) Once MD's minions scatter, it becomes time consuming and you'd need to alternate SW, Hex, MC, FA to deal with them. The MD in a corner is so much faster / easier.

7) Enchantress herself fights like a boss! Azurewrath + 3x IAS gears + %Blind amulet. Charm, group Hex. The enemy is more afraid of her than me!

Note: I usually use Scoundrel for the CHC, without disturbing my APS and mana balance. Scoundrel has 2 crowd control skills too, and you can equip Buriza + 3x IAS gears + %Blind amulet.

Some pointers about Ghom/Raka-
1) Unsummon Garg, and always go for Raka because he and his dogs have knockback. Where Raka goes, you follow, and Fatboy will always walk towards you. This way, your channel will hit both of them. You can use SW, Hex, or even FA against Raka's dogs. When Raka spins around, use SW to avoid getting knockback. This Uber pair is the easiest, but if you keep getting tossed around, it does get irritating.

Some pointers about SB/ZK-
1) Summon Garg when SB is nearest to Garg. Otherwise, disengage from battle such that Garg teleports to you, then walk in such that Garg goes to SB first. Use the SW + Hex combo, ZK is dead. If ZK causes the ceiling to collapse, use FA, otherwise don't bother. When ZK teleports away, SW + Hex combo when his spawn is shown on minimap. You can walk to him and Hex, but sometimes those precious few seconds, he casts the slow bubble and your DPS drops. It doesn't make the battle harder, it simply makes the battle last longer.

2) SB alone shouldn't be much of a problem, especially with Garg around, and FA and SW to alternate.

Suggested skills
SW, Garg, Hex, CoB, MC, FA --- JF, SV, BR.
BBV for solo isn't as useful, since you will need to move sooner or later.
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wow very nice tips there paul - thanks!

I'll definitely give those strats a try over the weekend. Especially the deathstairways you mentioned. I 'cornered' magda in one of those staircases and congratulated myself on trapping her. Then I started to wonder why she kept throwing arcanes at my feet. In the end it looks like she was the one who got me cornered.

Just to check though, the portal will not close no matter how many times I die as long as I remain in game right? Want to do more training and testings on those ubers...would be great if I could train for as long as I wanted without having to farm for more portals XD
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07/17/2013 08:51 AMPosted by EremiteAngel
Just to check though, the portal will not close no matter how many times I die as long as I remain in game right?

That's right, as long as you don't get disconnected, you can experiment with all sorts of builds and gear, and purposely die even though you clearly can win, then go to town experiment some more.

You can do mana test, DPS test, buff stacking test, CoB snapshot test, etc. The only catch is, the portal that opens is random, to open the next portal, you must kill the 1st pair. Which ends all test variations on that 1st pair.

Without NV, no organ parts, I'm sure you know that already. Just for the benefit of other readers keen to experiment with Ubers and expecting the organ part to drop.
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Added Ubers solo videos and techniques in Topic (5).
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wah--- I decided to try out my new TotD yesterday; very interesting... dropped mana locusts for pestilence and switched to scoundrel (no need for armor boost from enchant).

I'm tossed right now between my tals+SoS setup and this. It SEEMS to be more effective somehow. I mean I was 'sleep playing' on MP10... if I can do that something's working right :P

Also, very good in group play; just did MP9 runs, but man they were quick!

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nice guide.

Small criticism though, I noticed you mentioned dual wielding several times when you were talking about 1hand weapons.........
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Thanks for awesome guide, Father of Witches! I rock 3 (pretty common, I know) builds right now, and they suit my needs so well that I have to share:

This is based not just on actual gameplay and skills
- 1700 hours played in mainly MP10, with over 2000 Uber carries
- experiences with gearing 80 billion golds characters

But also on math
- Life Steal Calculator for MP10 Sieges reflect damage http://sdrv.ms/12TeXmp
- AS vs Mana regen Calculator http://sdrv.ms/15Cyh9A
- Mitigation Calculator http://sdrv.ms/14Jeu9m

All 3 are variations of a build based on this needs
1. No movement, because any movement during fight = you doing CRAP damage
2. No mana problems, because a need of mana regain = you doing CRAP damage
3. Smooth gameplay, because you don't rely on kills (too random thing) = CRAP survivability
4. Don't die, because dead = you doing 0 damage

What do you need to rock those builds
1. 89% mit (high all res/armor), 550k EHP
2. Skorn with 5+% life steal (the lower your damage is, the higher LS you need)
3. max 2x IAS items
4. Zuni set bonus - Mana regen


Group farming Build
- Kill elites as fast as possible = thx to Spirit Vessel aka immortal mode (key for speed is no need for moving outside of whatever damage like explosions/plague/chains)
- Instant self heal to full life when ranged = thx to Acid Cloud (Corpse Bomb)
- When every1 in the team dies, you have Hex Jinx, Spirit Walk to be able to fight for yourself with no probs

Solo farming Build
- Bring all the mobs to you = thx to Locust Swarm (Pestilence)
- Other than that, all same as before

Ubers Build
- No pets so you will not break efficiency of freezy Wiz + HOTA Barb combo as they will have no problem to stack ubers body on body for double hits/procs
- Immortal mode for double Maghda flies + arcane, or Maghda flies + Kings walk = thx to Spirrit Vessel
- Ubering without freezy Wiz = thx to whole build
- Instant self heal to full life when ranged = thx to Acid Cloud (Corpse Bomb)
- Endless CoB esp for Ghom+Rak fight = thx to Blood Ritual
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Small criticism though, I noticed you mentioned dual wielding several times when you were talking about 1hand weapons.........

Thanks Dirk. That sub-topic was written because the question of "ruby vs emerald" appears commonly in every class. I just wanted to highlight the difference between the stats that "remain as a weapon characteristic" and the stats that "go into the character sheet". For WD, dual wielding is not applicable as you have correctly pointed out. However, many WDs have alternate characters, and many players from other classes have begun to explore the WD class. Just take that small section as general information.

Once the player understands the difference for that ruby vs emerald concept, he/she can easily understand the APS concept for weapons. For example, if an Axe comes with 8% IAS on the weapon, the base APS of the weapon becomes 1.30 x 1.08 = 1.40. This will make that Axe consume mana like a Sword or Knife. Any %IAS on gear will be multiplied to that new base APS of 1.40. That %IAS stat on the weapon has changed the characteristic of the Axe to behave like a Sword or Knife.
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Thanks for your contribution. Long track record isn't needed to help in the forums and community. What is needed is the proof of concept - either by video or mathematics. Many players, in their excitement, write some half-truths or wrong information, which does not help the community.

Your 3 builds are quite similar to those in Topic (1), so I'll just leave it to the players to tweak the builds to their preference. I also mentioned in a previous post, that niche builds or conditional builds need to state their casting sequences and required conditions for their build to work (not applicable in your post, but just in case you're already thinking of other breakthrough concepts).

Your spreadsheets have a lot of potential, especially the one that prepares against reflect damage. However, the APS and Mana spreadsheet is not correct. Currently, the table provided by Nubtro is the most accurate. The game currently calculates APS and CoB ticks (which therefore impacts mana consumption) in brackets (or bands), so your spreadsheet will need to identify which APS bracket is being calculated, and then apply your formula there. Just to highlight, -FB cost in gears is not exactly known in terms of mechanics and calculations, the community is still learning about this stat and its impact. You may like to expand your research in that direction.

Your mitigation spreadsheet - Aimless once posted the full mathematical formula copied from the Wiz forum. You can layout the user input in a similar manner to that formula, and then display the mitigation for the following:
1) mitigation against elites
2) mitigation against melee
3) mitigation against ranged
4) mitigation against non-elites
Then, there are some websites that perform these detailed calculations already (eg. d3up). They even have skill toggles (like how many stacks of SH, whether to activate FA or not, etc).

From what I read in your post, the most potential for you to contribute significantly is the 2 spreadsheets to prepare players against reflect damage, and the APS/mana calculations. If done completely (and correctly), that will surely be added to Topic (6) with acknowledgements to your contribution.

Looking forward to your research!
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Yea I know about APS breakpoints (I red whole your (awesome) OP during leveling my WD), but the differencies are very small for including them right into "v1.0" of the Calculator. About -mana cost items, that's the thing I also want more details bout (some1 who'll do bunch of tests with slow-mo video "visual data mining", like we did in Wiz forums), as it looks really like a BIG thing.

What I also miss is an eDPS calculator like http://www.d3cmww.com, for BATS build, and it's what I'm thinking about right now, as it should be tons easier thanks to almost non existent skills synergy, or better said - dependency.

Doing Ghom tests is cool, but I'm an Ubers folk, so I need more than 1 target eDPS, group buffs, and heck, something faster too. Channel start snapshot thing is the thing that sorta ruins the builds eDPS transparency, because who d fuk knows when that Monk puts all the debuffs on the monsters, when he's doing it for 3 seconds every X seconds and it's not visible on GUI? This calc will not be perfect too.

But better start with something you can make better in the future.
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07/17/2013 03:54 PMPosted by PaulNg
Added Ubers solo videos and techniques in Topic (5).

bookmarked for studying when time is present =D thanks!!
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Hi Paul....and other who can give some good piece of advice:)

Thanks for some great stuff!

Having played D3 a lot after the release I grew tired of it in october last year. Now, however, the desire to play has come back.

Back then I was playing the bear-spec and I loved it. I still do........but after reading your guide (and testing a bit) I want to alternate a between bears and COB......the COB is greath fun actually.

I have a couple of questions though.......having missed a lot of playing hours the past 9 months or so...... what can I do to make my gear better? YES I have read your guide and have made some small adjustments. But as it is now most items on AH only gives me a ridiculous upgrade even though the price is 2B.

Where do one get the really good items? And which recipes are the best for crafting Int-gear?

I have following recipes:

razorspike bracers, archon gloves and shoulders and amu of int.....but so far the results have been very disappointing.

Whenever you have time, please take a look at my WD and if there are any obvious flaws I'd be happy to know:)....and any advice is very welcome.


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You've got excellent gear my friend. 1.43 APS is exactly where top speed for Skorn is, however, you don't have the 'sustainable" mana to support that APS. What you have is "conditional" mana.

For "sustainable" mana, I suggest using a -10FB 6/30 SoJ and use 1 mana passive, but that will take out the IAS on your Skull Grasp, so you either settle for lower APS (easier to manage mana) or you look for trifecta Pox or Tal's amulet to get back to 1.43 APS.

You're using such high-end gear it is really difficult to find upgrades. A similar amulet with "+average damage" or "+%IAS" is going to be several Billions. Same goes for the Zuni Pox.

You can, in theory, craft a similar glove with extra 150 Intel, that should add another 10k DPS.

For mana management reasons, I do suggest the SoJ path for you. Your unbuffed DPS will take a hit against trash mobs, but your elite DPS will be well over 300k DPS, that's where it really matters in my opinion.

By the way, congratulations on the 50% CHC. It is really tough for the Skorn path to get that number. I'm sure you're enjoying the frequent crits and lifesteal.
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Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

I forgot to tell you that I already have a SOJ - but "only" with -6 firebats....will that be sufficient you think? I haven't had any real problems so far with or without SOJ (Not tested Inna's yet though as I bought them yesterday...see below)..

Of course I will look through AH as much as I can.....but as you point out it is not easy to get much better gear.

Then my question is....how do I get even better gear? I understand that some WD's have 3-400k unbuffed DPS - how is that possible?

Is there a "black market" for items or something lol:P I don't want to pay x-hundrede USD for an item though - but of course I am willing to spend all my gold.

And about the crafting....is it the right recipes I have?

BTW...normally I am using blackthornes Pants - the Inna's obviously gave me the last percent CC.....not sure which pair I'll be using. I haven't really tested Inna's....but if I go back to blackthorne my APS and DPS will drop and my life will raise significant. And with Blackthornes my mana regen is ok.
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07/19/2013 09:10 AMPosted by Karlstegger
Then my question is....how do I get even better gear? I understand that some WD's have 3-400k unbuffed DPS - how is that possible?

For 2H path, highest I've seen is about 260k-270k unbuffed. If they use SoJ, then their elite DPS will be >300k easily.

For 1H path, highest I've seen is about 400k unbuffed. By going for the higher DPS potential, they sacrifice on the lifesteal potential. 1H path has 3% lifesteal at the max, while 2H path can have up to 6% lfiesteal.

The gearing for 1H path and 2H path are slightly different. "+average damage" stat helps the 1H path significantly, while %IAS helps the 2H path significantly. If you have the gold to get all the Intel, CHC, CHD, IAS, then you're naturally pushing your DPS to the limit that can be supported by "sustainable" mana management..

These top-geared players use 3rd party website or RMAH to get their gear. Each item is worth more than 2B gold, therefore you won't find such top-gear on Gold AH. Fair warning about 3rd party websites though, there have been scams. Go with a trusted trade moderator if you want to get your items that way.

All the crafting recipes can be purchased cheaply from AH. The chest recipes are from the Act 2 shop (Squirt the Peddlar). You can craft shoulders, gloves, amulets, bracers, chests. Your items in these slots are very high-end already, except for your gloves. The Tal's amulet by default has %elemental damage, which is very good for 2H weapons, it will be extremely difficult for you to craft an amulet that can out-perform the top-end Tal's amulet if you stick with the 2H weapon path.

My APS limit tests were done using a -6FB SoJ in town, so yes that is good enough although a higher rating -FB SoJ will be better for mana management.

As you push for higher DPS, just remember to check back with simple tests like Belial poison explosions, Dark Berserker hammer attacks, Siegebreaker reflect damage, etc. Dead WD = 0 DPS.

Good luck!
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hmm.... think I'll stick to my current gear. Too expensive to re-gear and not really needed as I do pretty well on MP10 as it is. Will save my gold for an expansion or whatever Blizz comes up with;)

Will go for the -10FB SOJ and check AH frequently for an upgrade or two besides that.

Don't intend to use RMAH or 3rd party sites.....

Thanks for taking your time, really preciate it!


P.s. Only tried Ubers lvl 8.....´was doable. Will my current char be able to kill ubers on mp10?
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07/19/2013 11:27 AMPosted by Karlstegger
P.s. Only tried Ubers lvl 8.....´was doable. Will my current char be able to kill ubers on mp10?

You only need 180k DPS or so to solo ubers. Your gear, however, has too much attack speed. You will need both BR and SA passive to sustain your mana requirements. That means, you can only choose between SV and JF passive to deal with SK/MD pair or SB reflect.

I will suggest you use Horrify:FA and SV passive. Go through Topic (5) for the part about Uber solo.
Tweak your build a bit, follow the video guide, and I'm sure you can clear all the current MP10 content. If you need to, just put on your Blackthorne's pants for the extra eHP/mitigation. Get familiar with their animation and "what happens next". Then the battles will be much easier.
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Thanks I will heed your advice and take on the ubers next week when I am back from work.....

I'll let you know how it works out;)
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wow, I'm just about to the point where i almost dont even want to type all this out again, my post deleted itself during my edit phase twice now, each write out took me about 2 hours, so frusterating
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