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Auction House Bidding Bug.

This happens occasional to me when I'm bidding on items in the AH. When I bid on an item it says that my bid wasn't high enough to be the winning bid(not exact words, but I'm sure you know what the text box says) after that the current and winning bids go to the exact same as what I just bid. This isn't because somebody else bid at the same time, because this is happening with about 10 items I'm bidding on right now, when the time's up I don't get the item either, please fix this it's very frustrating.
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Its not a bug; you just don't know how the Diablo 3 AH works.

Diablo 3 uses a proxy bid system. It is the same type of system eBay uses.


You cannot see what the high bidder has put as their max bid. It is hidden to everyone. What the AH actually shows is the the second highest bid (or starting bid if no one has bid yet). You only become the high bidder when you exceed the max bid someone put on the item.

If you don't exceed their max bid then the current bid is raised to what you bid. The current bid is what is paid when the auction is won. The person that wins the auction gets a refund of the difference between their max bid and the current bid.

You can basically think of the auction house as bidding for you. You tell it what you are willing to pay then it automatically bids against people up to the amount you told it to.

Here is an example.

There is a ring with a starting bid of 1000g.

I bid 500,000g on it. The AH still shows the bid as 1000g. (if the auction ended here I would win the ring for 1000g and get a refund of 499,000)

You bid 2000g. The AH now shows a bid of 2000g. I'm still winning. (if it ends I get it for 2000g and refunded 498,000)

You bid 5000g. The AH now shows a bid of 5000g. I'm still winning. (if it ends I get it for 5000g and refunded 495,000)

You bid 100,000g. The now AH shows a bid of 100,000g. I'm still winning. (if it ends I get it for 100,000g and get refunded 400,000)

You bid 600,000g The now AH shows a bid of 500,000g. You are now winning. (if it ends you get it for 500,000g and get refunded 100,000)

I bid 550,000g. The AH now shows 550,000g. You are still winning. (if it ends you get it for 550,000g and a refund of 50,000)

If you don't understand or want more information Google "proxy bidding".
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