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can you guys help my friend a/c


Well I am sure he has gotten a new phone by now, no? If so just install the mobile app, and then restore it via the serial code. He did write that code down somewhere, right? :) Tell him to borrow a buddies phone and phone Blizzard Technical support...they would have had this fixed in a short time. You have to learn the system man...
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he loss his phone and its connected with the authenticator
he want to remove it and already sent four to five times at the support page
but didnt get any reply
its already a month since May-19
and submitted his ID card copy
can you contact his email and request any information if needed

only thing you can do is

which by your description you have likely already done.
you can always try to call support and see whats up.
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If he has contacted them and they refuse to accept the ID then he is out of luck. We have also seen a lot of fake support tickets worded like this with fake IDs attached which may make Blizzard more strict and cautious about Authenticator removal.
he's a player in hong kong and playing in the US server.
will it be the problem that they refuse his hong kong ID?
he purchased a digital copy of diablo III,
and he didnt write down the serial number and the restore code
he keep using the same computer at the same place with the same ISP playing.
its a great pain that he can't playing his diablo.
can you advise a number or ant other contact that he could get support?
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He needs to use the Support link like everyone else. The form Morogoth posted is the proper one to use to remove an Authenticator. However....

Support link > Product D3 > I can't login > I want to remove my authenticator. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. If Phone Support is open and appropriate for the issue, the phone button will light up. If not, he needs to use the ticket. I can tell you though, that if he can not prove that he is the account holder they will not remove the Authenticator.
he didn't get any reply from the support page for over a month, and didn't even be told why he doesn't get any support.
We can't see there is a phone button to call up, so we are asking here what more informations are needed to prove he's the account holder?
If he get back his account he is going to play with the same computer as before, will it be easier if blizzard check the IP is just the same as before?
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Your friend submitted a support ticket back on 6/7/2013 and it was answered less than 2 hours later. He was given the phone number to call as live support is much easier in a case like this and also told how to initiate a web chat if that would be more convenient. If he didn't want to use either of those methods he was asked to reply to the ticket and provide identification.

I don't see that he ever replied or pursued the matter. He'll need to check his ticket and do what it said I'm afraid as we're unable to help with an account issue like that here in a public forum.

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He didn't received any reply on his email, where he should checked the support ticket while he still can't login to battle.net?
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He needs to login to his Battle.net account Management page and check his tickets there.
But he need his authenticator to login to battle.net. So how can he check his support ticket when he lost his authenticator?
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You were told by a green and a blue what he needed to do. If you can't read it and follow directions then there is no more help we can offer. This forum is NOT a way to get an account unlocked.
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07/07/2013 09:15 AMPosted by MissCheetah
You were told by a green and a blue what he needed to do. If you can't read it and follow directions then there is no more help we can offer. This forum is NOT a way to get an account unlocked.

im amazed this thread is even still "unlocked"....
there has been player and blue response. all of which told them what to do.
the blue response even directly addressed the issue telling them they had been contacted with 3 methods to remedy the situation that they can use.

.. at this point the the OP either will never understand or they are just trying to drag it out as much as they can. either way this thread needs locking.
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Around here they are innocent until proven guilty and we try to help...heh. Some folks are new to the game, some are very limited in their English skills, others are just not so bright. We hesitate to call people trolls who ask for help on the Support forums...until it becomes pretty obvious and we simply stop helping, like in this case.
Mr. Omrakos said he gets a reply on Jun-7 after he submited his support ticket.
But he do't see any reply in his email inbox, so we are asking where he could see this reply, please.
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Thread locked.

Your friend should be able to see a reply to his ticket through the Support Site
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