Diablo® III

Lacuni Prowlers - Opinions on value...

253 Armor
+91 Vitality
Attack Speed +9%
Movement +12%
Melee Attackers take 1082 per hit
Crit Chance +5.0%
Health Globes/Potions +3754

Any opinions on value are greatly appreciated.
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1) Go to AH
2) Search for similar stats
3) Compare current prices with your prowlers
5) Don't profit because your auction will just expire.
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Current market I would think between 150m and 400m, but I'm no ah expert just estimating based on what I have paid and sold a few pair for. I may be a little high but the past few weeks that is close to what similar pairs were selling for.
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What does "Dont profit" mean?
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07/01/2013 03:35 PMPosted by Scarab
What does "Dont profit" mean?

the opposite of profit?
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I doubt many people are looking for health globe bonus on these.

The lowest buyout for Lacuni's with a similar roll is 5 mil.
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True...Just heard that Prowlers with crit are expensive.
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Mediocre roll is mediocre.

You wanted all res or main stat/Vit instead of globes. The rarity of good versions of those stats is a couple of orders of magnitude greater. So is the price.
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Yeah the only thing good is the crit while everything else sucks.
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It lacks a very important mod to most players, main stat.
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40-80 mills, 9 ias and good crit are nice, vit makes them ok for everyclass
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