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Echoing Fury is Infuriating

Simple fix.........don't use one!
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i too get annoyed when playing in groups and the elites get feared.

the fear proc negates any dps increase generally.

its a solo play weapon.

too bad 75%+ of players use an EF...
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Just find one with a lower % to fear and you should be good to go.
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The fear is a myth ... I do own mp10 with EF in main hand.
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I can understand melee classes (Barbarian and MonK) fear the enemy can be very frustating specialy when they ran away like hell, but for ranged classes specialy Demon Hunters, have weapon with chance of fear its a bless...
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Just let us have a chance to remove Fear from Fury by pay NPC 1-2B gold. It will be the best Gold-sink ever!
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fear is fine.... when playing solo.
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You can play publics, solo and whatever with EF. But you'll be not welcome in any decent MP10 party with it, aside from partys who like to chase monsters. Good player will never bring EF to the party, period. It really decreases party dps. It contradicts freeze, it spreads the mobs, it moves them away from BBV totems and so on... There are players with low proc EF who are fine, you hardly even notice the fear, but it's really not that often. The argument about defence is wrong too, cause a lot of builds use lifesteal and players standing on ground effects heal from mobs - scaring mobs away kill players. If you have COB wd in party you'll be also draining his resourse, ehp and dps with fear. EF is no good, any weapon will do better. If you play mp you're not suppose to be playing and come to survive not to kill stuff - EF is fine I guess
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I got rid of mine, lost 30k DPS but who cares mobs die quicker now because they do not run away.
Still using a cold SJ so monsters stay in the path of tornados.
The fear is bad especially if 2 people in the group are using EF.
I think when the game was its most difficult the fear would have been useful although the EF was not available then, now the game is easier and everyone is so powerful the chasing down monsters is annoying.
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07/03/2013 06:52 AMPosted by Auxin
I can't stand the fear on Echoing Fury

Then don't use it...

I use it on my barb and i know that this fear is there for a purpose.
The purpose is to make the echoing fury have a malus, because else it would be even more BiS then it is.
No other weapon could stand a chance to compare to the fury...

Working as designed.
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07/04/2013 05:58 AMPosted by KyKaH
You can play publics, solo and whatever with EF. But you'll be not welcome in any decent MP10 party with it, aside from partys who like to chase monsters.

A decent mp10 party wouldn't care an iota since they'd steamroll mp10 regardless and a frozen mob doesn't move feared or not. This isn't a hard game you don't have to care about optimal party dps, and you're naive if you expect duel wielding barbs to drop it; it's an annoyance that is completely mitigated by the unmatched dps it can bring. Look at the best dps barbs in the world and tell me parties would reject them because they all use an ef.

Blame the system not the player, it's blizzards fault for putting this on a 1h that is clearly the best. And I don't believe it's meant to be a flaw, it's honestly putting a lot of faith in blizzard's ability to design things with foresight to suggest that the fear on hit was an intended flaw. They probably thought it would actually be useful for melee classes lol.

Edit: as for solo play, if you're not using a scoundrel with buriza and a star then you're doing it wrong. Always play with something freezing mobs.
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07/04/2013 06:21 AMPosted by DoctorStigma
They probably thought it would actually be useful for melee classes lol

Fixed for you:

They probably thought it would actually be useful for ranged classes lol
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OP: when playing my skorn barb I have to agree with you the EF can be really annoying.
However on my archon Wiz the EF fear proc is very nice, sometimes creeps are just running up and down inside the archon beam due to fear.
So it all just comes down to what you prefer and no one is asking you to chase down a feared creep, they will eventually just run back to attack :-)
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07/03/2013 10:08 AMPosted by plouyd
BTW, echo fury became 'cool' and a 'must have' when all the streamers said so. No one uses it because they honestly think its better, its because someone told them to use it.

I cannot even to begin to express how much ^This

Not only is it not as great as everyone makes it out to be, I think it's one of the most useless items in the whole game. The fear proc % essentially reduces your DPS by that same % if you are fighting in melee range with the EF in your main hand. If you have a 20% fear proc then the EF essentially cuts your DPS by 20%.

It's gotten to the point where people think the EF is so great that some rare weapons are actually CHEAPER and BETTER.

In my WW spec I have 260k DPS and run with a 1200 DPS axe MH with 1.4 APS, as well as a sword OH. I bought them for a pittance and can easily hit APS breakpoints with WoTB up.

And I don't have to chase feared mobs around for hours at a time. Multiple EF's in public games is not worth the headache, especially in high MP. I usually just leave the game.
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It's in my offhand. I don't have any problems with fearing mobs.
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07/03/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Taganov
Don't use Echoing Fury on melee characters. You'll certainly appreciate the fear proc if you're playing a class that doesn't have innate 30% damage reduction.

What about a CoB WD? It's odd because a lot of WD's use skills that cause enemies to fear, so even the fear proc on EF must be useful to them as well?
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