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Two Quick Questions...

1) How many times or how many people buy something and DON'T want it in there stash box right away...

2) How many times have you bought something, started a game, run to stash or crafter, curse, leave game, back to AH, send to stash, and start game AGAIN...

I'm willing to bet that there are 5000 2's for every single 1.
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kind of agree but i guess it acts as more storage room say if your stash is full then lose an auction would be more annoying
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if i understand where ure going with this: what if the stash is full already?

edit: also, its to better keep track of the items you've sold, not sold, won on bids, etc.
if they auto go to the stash, it becomes really annoying for those who use the AH alot
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and what if the ah "stash" is full already?
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Prolly the same thing it does now ... "Cannot send to Stash"...

Am I the really the only one who's forgotten to change tabs, and click send to stash about 4000 times?
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You're not the only one who has loaded up a game to grab a recently bought item, only to immediately leave so it can be sent to the stash. I do that every so often, and I'll ask about it at our next meeting with the developers.
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Some people have very messy stashes, so I can see that being frustrating for them. When someone is gearing, they might want to go clean up their stash first.

Perhaps a popup that appears when you are leaving the auction house asking if you want your newly bought gear (and newly acquired gold) to be moved to the stash. It would only appear if (A) you bought or sold something during that session and (B) you have room in your stash for at least one of those items. The popup would show the items and you could check the ones you want stashed and click "Send," or just click "Later" to leave that stuff for another day.
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If auction cancelling counts as 1), I did that more than 2), since I don't want to keep the essences and tears and gems in my stash because the stacks are just too damn small. I think the stack amount should be increased to 10k or even 100k (If you want to change all 3 gems in your chest to marquise at once from selffound gems, you need to collect 4374 flawless squares, which takes more than half a stash tab)
If it would !@#$ up the market (because people would buy a lot of them to control the market), then at least up the stack amount on DE, it's really hard for some well geared people to get upgrades, even crafting 13k items have very low chance to get them an upgrade (and storing that 13k is a pain in the %^-, especially when your inventory is full of them and Diablo just drops you two legendaries)

Let me ask you another two questions:

1) How many times have you died or left game intentionally, because you were too lazy to turn off your wings?

2) How many times have you played without the wings because you were too lazy to turn them on at the beginning of the game/after death?

I think that every D3 or SC2 CE owner will know my pain.
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haha, i like the 50 AH slots :P, stuff i cant sell, but is good, but not something ill use stays in there. had things queued for months XD
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07/03/2013 02:24 PMPosted by Grimiku
and I'll ask about it at our next meeting with the developers.

Hey man make sure you ask them about putting in a ladder so we can have fresh restarts and get some competition going in this awesome game.
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I could agree with this ONLY, if such 'auto send to stash' would be an OPTION, not mandatory for everyone, because I DON'T want stuff to be auto-sent to stash!
(Especially if those are won as bids, when I am not online!)
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^ I've wondered this too.

Also- I've noticed that there has been up to a two day delay in some items between when you lay down the gold and when it shows up in your 'Completed' tab.

That's kinda annoying. Almost like real life in that you buy it ad wait for shipping. But this is one time where making a game more like real life is not good.
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Just a note personally

Bid Win items I prefer to stay in the AH so it is easier to see what I won and managing it
Items on Buyout I would prefer to directly go to stash however

Secondly Items not sold I would also not want sent to stash immediately, makes it harder to see what sold and what did not

Buyout - Autostash
Anything else - Don't Autostash
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07/03/2013 02:24 PMPosted by Grimiku
You're not the only one who has loaded up a game to grab a recently bought item, only to immediately leave so it can be sent to the stash. I do that every so often, and I'll ask about it at our next meeting with the developers.

You should at least show a dialog similar to the following just before exiting the AH:

"You have recently purchased items. Would you like to send them to your stash?"
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