Diablo® III

WTB Upgrades (firebats build)

Well I've grown very tired of staring at the AH waiting for the items i need/want to pop up on the GAH so if you've got an item that you think would be an upgrade for me let me know!

I'm looking to increase my dps, increase my ehp (specifically my hp as well as armor, while keeping my AR about the same), and I'm hoping to drop a bit more ias as well.

currently the main items I am looking for are

Currently using a great tri tals which has made it near impossible to find an amulet with near or as much dps but without the ias (and with much more hp gain and / or armor/ar).

using another great quadfecta rare ring, looking to drop the ias and gain ehp while keeping the same or almost as much dps.

also using a great cc / avg dmg pox, looking for one with the same or more dps that also has vit or life%

more hp gain, close to or the same dps, ideally with ar or armor but willing to drop the ar if the hp gain is large enough (ie high int, high vit, high life%)

looking to gain more ehp while maintaining the dps. I'd like to drop the ias but so far havnt come across a pair without ias that is even near as much dps.

zuni chest, looking to gain more vit and armor. no less than 160 int, no less than 250 vit, and preferably 700+ armor.

Looking for a spear or mace (black dmg) with 3 LS, OS, 50+ cd, int (or vit), and 1.1k dps ore more.

in general I am also looking for PuR so if an item meets the descriptions above or comes close while also having PUR, i may be interested.

And of course open to any other upgrades in other slots if you think you've got something I'd like.

Looking to get some decent deals and spend as little as possible, but have billions to spend so for the right item with a fair price I'm ready to dish it out haha.
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whos got dem gears to sell me lol
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bah! there's a large blackhole in the RMAH sucking up everything nice :(((
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06/26/2013 10:53 PMPosted by juju
bah! there's a large blackhole in the RMAH sucking up everything nice :(((

haha yep all the good stuff is always on rmah which isn't ideal for people like me who don't intend to spend real moneys :\
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