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Could Diablo 2 have cult status?

I think this is why most people are bothered about Diablo 3, sure, it has its issues; most notably a development team that didn't bother looking at that game to see what was so addictive about it ( at least in its post-LOD days) and an aRPG type concept that forgets about the whole RPG thing and simply is about blasting enemies with ever increasing firepower without actually experimenting.

You can experiment in this game, but there is not really any point at all since all it requires is new runes being selected and much more money being spent to accommodate that build.

I think this is partly the reason D3 fails to capture the imagination, it is because D2 had that base of players who spent so much time figuring things out and checking and rechecking their figures while having to rebuild so many characters if they got it wrong you had to persevere, but boy was it good when you got it right.

Did the game of Diablo 2 gain cult status which is why Diablo 3 will NEVER be as good?
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Anything being "cult" denotes it was never popular and that it had a small but very devout audience. This is absolutely false in regards to Diablo 2.

Diablo 2 has a huge following, how huge? Large enough that at least 80% of the people who bought Diablo 3 did so based solely on the reputation of Diablo 2 without waiting for reviews of the game. Do not bend over backwards trying to excuse Diablo 3's faults when even the CEO of the company was forced to write an apology letter to the fans acknowledging the game wasn't up to the standards people expected of Blizzard.

Sometimes a mediocre game is just that, a mediocre game.
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d2 was awful until mods made it good
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07/03/2013 04:22 PMPosted by Phugen
d2 was awful until mods made it good

i would expect nothing else from someone who plays WoW

i played d2 with ZERO mods and loved every bit of it
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Cult status implies something flew under the radar only to gain a popular following afterwards. Diablo 1 is a cult game, Diablo 2 was a hugely anticipated release.
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Role playing games in general have a cult status.

A cult status is more often the phrase used to describe a usually small usually hidden usually extremely devoted fanbase.

this fanbase is usually hunkered down in a basement on the weekends with fellow nerds just enjoying the hobby.

just like hardcore techno in the late nineties, french art house cinema, Abstract jazz....their are countless examples across all forms of entertainment really.

with all this in mind and having basically lived and breathed the above lifestyle, and regretted not a minute of it, my opinion is that Diablo 2 ABSOLUTELY has a cult status. even within the world spanning cult of roleplaying games as a whole. including all pen and paper and all consoles and board games.

the games themselves are so specialized they cant help but gather small and intense fanbases.

the games themselves are specialized products designed by hand and with care.

Diablo 3 might even have a cult status. but I'm sure its leaning towards the complete opposite.

gathering fans they way a prostitute might gather husbands......
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