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Blizzard mechanics

Does spamming 10 blizzards on top of each other cause it to tick 10 times or how does this work ?
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damage does not stack as the description says,

-however spamming blizzard-frozensolid increases freeze chance
-LOH and lifesteal only works on a single blizzard drop that does the damage(since damage does not stack)
-every blizzard cast on the same area can trigger APOC individually

also :

Does not stack. DoT ticks 4 times per second, not affected by attack speed. Every tick can crit individually. Damage applied 60 times per second and displayed once every 0.5 seconds.
Extended duration from gear or via Unrelenting Storm rune does not result in the same numer of ticks spread out over the longer duration. Per second added, the number of ticks is increased by 4 and total damage is increased by 85%.
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-however spamming blizzard-frozensolid increases freeze chance
-every blizzard cast on the same area can trigger APOC individually

You sure about that? That's interesting, because those are on-(crit)hit effects just like LoH. So the stacked Blizzard would have to consist of 0 dmg ticks that can crit and proc anything but LoH. I never even thought about that being a possibility.
I'm not sure how or why they would code it like that, but with Blizzard (the company) you never know... Will check when I get a chance.
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yea i can kinda spam blizzard if i got like 20 apoc and it can almost perma freeze every mob, but seems pretty much useless since damage does not stack
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-> deals 1.41667% (510%/360) weapon damage each frame (85% per sec)
-> damage unaffected by APS
-> damage doesn´t stack (more casts result in refreshing the duration)
-> procs each 15 frames (4 per sec)

The last part means APoC and LoH. It´s just like with channeling skills/Wicked Wind, but with blizzard it doesn´t scale with aps you always get 4 checks per second. After the check, if it rolls a crit, you get 14 more crit frames until the next check etc.

What yems is talking about is probably the freeze is an on cast effect (once) so you have to recast Bliz to get more freezes. I haven´t tested this rune in particular so I´m not sure about the freeze part.
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Underneath it all I'm a CM wormhole blizzwiz.

Very interesting info here, thanks for sharing Yems, et al.! Anyone else observed the APOC/freeze stacking aspect of blizzard?

What would 4 blizzwiz spamming freeze rune look like!? Is the freeze on cast or at random? Extended duration blizzards ftw?

Also, your blizzard vids are very cool, Yems. I lubs dem. Keep em coming ^_^
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