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How to switch from SNS CM to Archon?

So I am a long time CM wizard and with the recent news that freeze may have a nerf incoming in the future, it is likely the CM wizard build will finally be killed by Blizzard. As a result, I would like to know where to begin in switching my current gear for an Archon gear set up.

Currently, I can farm MP7 with my gear and I have 10 mil in pure gold to spend on switching builds. I can also make around 10 million more if I sell off some of the gear I'm currently using. I know Archon builds are more expensive so in switching, I am only hoping to farm MP5 efficiently.

Can anyone help lead me to where I should begin?

Thanks in advance.
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Wont be able to do that much with a 10m budget nowadays but..

- black weapon with LS, CD, Socket, Int, IAS (or as many as you can get, try to get LS/Socket at the very least)
- Triumvirate source
- TR Neck
- Inna's Pants
- Zuni feet/ring
- Mempo

Other items you have can work for both but above are the popular archon item.
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Something like this then?

-Echoing Fury for weapon
-Swap Blackthorne Amulet for Tal Rasha Amulet
-Swap Blackthorne Pants for Innas
-Swap Natalyas set for Zuni set
-Max intelligence memo

And I can just keep the gloves and lacuni bracers?

What DPS would you need unbuffed for a decent Archon build?

I would guess at least 200k right?
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if you get zuni feet and inna's pants you can drop lacuni for a good EHP/DPS rare bracer. Lacuni really can't stack up DPS wise to the new craftables, many people have pairs with 5+%CC and 300 int. No lacuni will ever compare to that unless they have double int with no mitigation at all.

I'd look at getting new gloves. Don't be nervous about dropping IAS for CD when doing archon. You don't have breakpoints to hit and while IAS is recommended (and makes things smoother in the spec) it isn't required for anything beyond dps purposes.

Youll find hitting 200 won't be that hard or expensive in today's market.
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Is 200k enough to do MP 5 - 6?
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