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Slightly disappointed, local coop menu system

I understand the sharing of one view port as well as pausing the game whilst it is going. Blizzard can't do much about consoles limiting performance due to hardware. All is good there and since i played Gauntlet: legends on the Psone which was limited like that i am more than happy to accept it.

However, i can seem to live with the fact that the game is paused for the other player(s) when one wants to navigate through the menu. Even if they can swap to anothers character screen whilst doing so it still won't solve the issue of 1-3 other players getting impatient as they want to get back into the game while say one of my real casual friends will be receiving vocal instructions to navigate. I'm not saying these impatient people have any issues and would start acting like raging monkeys but they sure will want to stop playing. Imagine watching a movie someone keeps pausing. Sure 2-3 times is alright, any more and you'll probably want to do anything but watch that movie.

My solution which it would be too late to implement as the game is probably just going through legal and printing / packing finalisations is kind of pointless but i hear people as well as developers still don't mind listening to feedback. Since i try my best to explain without hurting feelings i'll go ahead:

1 menu to navigate whilst paused

What it could of been like / What can we do to fix this:

First off remove that obnoxious menu wheel before i continue. Basically all players can do / check something whilst waiting for the last player to be ready (check dps or stats description).

When the game is 'globally paused' each player has a "viewport" (Not really, sort of a eye-trick i guess as viewports = more rendering = performance drop although it's a menu screen). In each quadrant above / below the individual player's HUD a rows / column menu appears (e.g 1x4, 2x3, depending on menus [char, skills, talents, inventory). E.G.
|Character | Skills | Inventory|

Then you are taken to a rectangular screen in your 'view port' where you can navigate your option.

Like this: (Made in MS Paint in a few minutes)


Laugh if you must, the story i'm trying to tell is in the poorly drawn up picture lol.

As you can see and may understand this would have been better for the local coop players. Alright beware i am going to be rarely mean but hear it goes: The current system in the console version looks like Blizzard just copied Sacred 2's design and put a D3 design to it. That isn't very imaginative imo. It's just like WoW adjusting to everyone gets a chance of loot from bosses from lfr etc in mop, they only did that to compete with guild wars 2 advertising it around the time of 4.3. Well it's sure wasn't a coincident :) I could name a lot more of unique (not common) ones. Point is your suppose to vastly improve upon ideas using the brilliant ideas of your development team.

Well although it was too late i'd be happy just to know this was at least skimmed though.
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Honestly with the quick loot system ingame how you can view if something is an upgrade without having to go into your inventory I don't know why you would need to pause unless changing a skill and if my friends can't wait for the 30 seconds of that they are pretty impatient.

I do understand what you're saying, I guess I just never thought it would be an issue.
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07/08/2013 03:49 AMPosted by Immortal
However, i can seem to live with the fact that the game is paused for the other player(s) when one wants to navigate through the menu.

We agree that pausing the game to manage a menu screen isn't all that fun (especially in a local coop party), but we're hoping to significantly reduce the amount of time console players spend in menus through the quick loot system. You'll be able to identify if an item is an upgrade or not, equip it if you want to, and even drop recently acquired items for your group without ever stopping the action.
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Like an arcade game?
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After reading these responses i think this quick loot option will help definitely cut a lot of time. It sounds like it works similar to borderlands 1/2 where you hold the button to equip it in your quick select which is great. Well looking forward to playing it (again)with whatever else there is. I should be happy with it actually coming to the console. Something this generation doesn't have multiple publishers competing to produce yearly. Apologies for the "i want it now" attitude, quite rude.
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hmmmm... all this talk about quick loot and equip. What does this mean for identifying items? will this be done away with on the console???

or will we be able to ID items from the field (because the these discussions indicate that we might be able to equip items on the fly while in battle)?

I have been away from D3 for a long time (last patch I saw was the advent of the Paragon system) since my computer blew up lol. Is ID-ing items something of the past already?
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what about gold pick up and repairs and stash
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