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Plague Bats: Thoughts and Techniques

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the PBs actually hit the monsters down the flight of stairs. it is just on some type of stairs that they dont. they do move up a ramp,though. i usually see this on stonefort, where the PBs do not hit the enemies on top of the stairs even if they are 1/2 way in range of my stream.
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I've never noticed a problem with stairs. If I ever have a glitch on a stair I just back off or go down and the problem usually is solved.

However, I have had many instance of using PB when something is standing near you and you put the whole stream on it (centered on it) and it seems to do no damage, like the PB stream is flowing around, rather than over the monster. Like there is a dead spot where something can stand and not get hurt.

To avoid this I try to use a side to side hosing down movement, but once in a while I will lose a treasure goblin to this glitch.
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i do notice that there is a blind spot sometimes. it is either if something is directly in front of me or around 45 degrees.

i also notice that there are times that a monster positioned right behind me is getting damaged as well.

i have limited game design knowledge, but i do work in a game company. this seems to be a pathing issue, now i do not see why blizzard would want each bat to be an object. this would make things heavy, but it looks like this.

maybe there is something going on into this. I hope that somebody can shed some light into this since this will help us into positioning ourselves better before we hose down a mob.
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I am now using a side to side motion with my PB spray. It seems like the edges hit harder and more often then the middle of the stream. Still experimenting.
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Did some testing on this too, almost positive the dmg is outside the animation cone. Ledges/stairs for sure in VOTA
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Just wanted to add that I have always moved back and forth over enemies with PB. Mostly out of boredom from sitting in one spot, moving it lightly back and forth helped to keep me focused on the action.

As long as I use the sweeping method most of the enemies are dead.

Trying to hold it still over my enemies seems to leave me with more alive at the end of a massive mob.
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I find Unstable Form to be quite affective with PB, point the bats at the chicken and trash just disappears :)

And it is still very useful against elites though without the 20% damage boost.
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My experience with pb would agree with the animation range and actual damage range being different. I find abusing the null zone between where the animation ends and where the damage application ends can be the fraction you need to continue channeling from outside elite ground effects. If you just know how far away you can be, it makes engagements a lot safer for the same result.
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All good comments.

The end range of PB goes beyond the animation about 1/2 inch on your screen. It's easy to tell if the monsters are taking damage or not as you will see the white damage numbers if you are hitting them.
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OK, here is another thing that I noticed. It is related to my observation on stairs, but this is more bizarre.

I was happily farming MP10 solo on act2 Oasis, I came upon that giant water wheel and fought the boss, he teleported to the ledge downstair but I can still damage him with my PB stream even though he is literally 1 floor/level below me. However, the range is not so great and it is not easy to aim at him, still, there are points where I can clearly see my stream shaving digits off of his life.

I do not have AOE or any of my followers firing at him, I am positively sure that it is my PB stream that is doing this.

The collision geometry of PB might be a cone with a wide base, or several cones perhaps.
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PB is a dot so the damage ticks happen twice a second.

When compared to Bears or CoB our numbers start lower and take time to stack up. But we can stop casting and (depending on attack speed) you get around 2-3 seconds of damage ticks.

If your concern is primarily speed farming and fast kills, or if you like to see one hit make an enemy explode rather than watching his health bar melt away, PB will seem slower when compared to the immediate damage of Bears or CoB.
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08/02/2013 07:10 PMPosted by theStrobist
The collision geometry of PB might be a cone with a wide base, or several cones perhaps.

Yes I've noticed the same thing when standing at the top of stairs and hitting monsters at the bottom of the stairs or anywhere below my character.
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08/03/2013 08:15 AMPosted by KonaRVP
If your concern is primarily speed farming and fast kills, or if you like to see one hit make an enemy explode rather than watching his health bar melt away, PB will seem slower when compared to the immediate damage of Bears or CoB.

I think you've nailed it. Contrast this with the fact that it is hard to take a Treasure Goblin down with bears or CoB, but it is fairly easy with PB.

Bears and CoB also not good with walls and other terrain problems.

All the skills have their nuances.
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A couple things I wanted to point out (not sure if someone has) but the very end of PB does hit the hardest. Also if using PB and horrify for farming, PUR is amazing. I farm mp 10 moving extremely fast as I am able to continue to move after dotting up groups (with good damage they melt to death), horrify them away while they continue to melt, clearing a pTh for me to move, and still grabbing my globes to fuel GF.
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08/03/2013 01:21 AMPosted by WilsonKhoo
Is PB supposed to under perform ZB in damage. Or is my mind playing tricks on me? Testing on Ghom MP7 in 4 man pub and the rest of Act 3. Not satisfied with its damage, the mob's HP seems to be trickling down, and the max white numbers I see are around 500K-700K, much less than the others.

PB does not have the stopping power or punch of ZB. however, PB is much more sustainable.
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that might be your logic. but people actually play PB for the fun factor as well as a respectable damage spell. if i may suggest, the middle ground for this is when you are fighting annoying things that run away, with PB they will just die running. no need to chase. i tried all the others but PB by far is the best for y play style. proctor as well but thats another story.
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08/03/2013 07:35 PMPosted by WilsonKhoo
Trying to find the middle ground where PB would outperform ZB or CoB. I currently can't find it. If stuff die fast enough, mana is no issue for ZB. If stuff die too slow, its usually time to bring out CoB anyway.

I think PB is the middle ground between CoB (which to me is a very situational use spell) and bears (which I like better than CoB, but they have a very high mana requirement).

People do run Bears and PB, or Bears and CoB, and those are interesting builds and sometimes difficult to play effectively.
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