I noticed that my Barb is getting stuck recently. And when I say stuck I mean the only way I can get out is to leave the game or port. And the best way to describe it is like little rubber banding that is happening because I am trying to move. I didn't notice it too long ago and there are a few different things that I have done in my game. I don't know which ones may or may not be the cause. I should say that I have dyed my armor so that I look like I have no armor, I have also deleted a few of my SC that were in the lower paragon lvls. And I have named or had some characters with the same name a few times here recently. I am not sure if any of these things have anything to do with this issue. It does seem more like there is something blocking my way. If I had to guess it was like there was a big pile of invisible items in the way because it was a shifting screen effect. But it wasn't like when there is a "glitch" and the map for the direction you want to go isn't generated.