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1billion budget, fastest way to P100?

What's the fastest way to paragon 100? or at least P80? I've seen a lot of build debates, what build suits what budget etc. I'm not looking for a way to do MP10 efficiently. I want to level up. If that means go with some crazy build and do MP5, I will do exactly that. I know you can do MP10 with variations of SNS on low budget, but it's not very efficient.

What would you do with 1B budget?
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You're asking 2 different questions. So do you want the best build? or the one that gets u to p100 fastest?

If you want fast levels, use a hellfire and a mempo with EXP gem in it.

If you want the strongest build with a 1b budget, thats a more in-depth conversation.
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It's a question of what's faster for exp. Get 1b budget SNS gear and farm mp8-9, or get 1b budget of other gear and farm a lower mp.

Is the most versatile build SNS? I've been messing around with it using some budget gears (less than 10M spent), and it's fantastic for group play.
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The fastest way to 100 is to always run a full group on mp10. Do that, and your xp will fly.
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1G? Fast Paragon? Gear a barb...

Just keep playing and have fun. There is no point in forcing anything...
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My SnS wizard was farming for demonic essence on (MP10) VoTA and Dahlgur Oasis maps from Paragon Level 70 to 100.
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07/04/2013 07:13 PMPosted by MOBAjobg
My SnS wizard was farming for demonic essence on (MP10) VoTA and Dahlgur Oasis maps from Paragon Level 70 to 100.

I'll give you a true statistic? I was uber carrying from p26 to p100 (albeit not efficiently). I've never done the ever popular Alkaizer run. Ever.

All my levels "dinged" against uber fights :>
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if it's just to get to paragon level fast -- better gear for archon

or yet the fastest would be a blizzard wiz, i assure you nothing beats blizzard wiz in leveling - what you need on gear would be:

-high int
-high cc
-high average damage
-high dps and low aps weapon (like skorn or a spear)
-at least 10 apoc (20 apoc recommended)
-blizzard duration on source ( if you are not using skorn)

check my blizzard wiz profile here:

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