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D3 has no memorable NPCS..(rant)

Is diablo 3 even considered a RPG anymore like d1 and d2? Please tell me why a game like starcraft 2, created with a intention of being a E-sport has superior single play story, dialogues, npc compared to a game like diablo within the genre of RPG?

Where is the vibrant and rich lore world you said you guys were gonna create, the whole d3 story is told by 3 followers, 2 merchants, leah, 3 angels and 3 demons..it feels not even half completed in fleshing out the world and the NPC, its just a rush to next zone.

In d2 you would get quest from different npc, they would tell you about their life, job, religion, their views on certain things and were memorable. what does diablo 3 have? a mayor who complains about a cart on the way, few soldiers lying on their backs, a man in the desert staring at a well and the only barbarian in the game who has 2 lines?

Sure people may remember coveteous shen, he made me giggle few times as well, but we remember him for one or two lines he says, its like a liking a advertisement for the product because its funny but only because it was funny, without holding any interest in the product your trying to sell.

ALL your Diablo novels are awesome! why cant the dialogues be like that and built depth in variety of characters, you guys dont even name 70% of your npcs, they are just mechant #4 or sad lady #18.

In the novels evils are menacing, love to hate if you will, like kerrigan and mengsk in star craft 2, in diablo 3 the villains are like some you would find in a scooby doo episode, whining and moaning like a kid, popping up everywhere. I thought you guys said you learnt your lesson in wrath of the lich king in how the lich king was portrayed.

am I alone here! (lol)
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Diablo III has more lore than Diablo I and II combined x 2, and it's far more accessible.
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Agreed, the quests in D3 was all about going around and killing stuff... I think it lacks the sort of "interaction" between the NPCs and the heroes.

Back in D2, whenever we moved to a new Act we would have to complete certain quests to earn the respect, and it was all good and fun when we defeated Andariel or Duriel the NPCs would thank you, celebrate and help you out in some ways like adding a socket to one of your item.

D3 lacks this kind of element...
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Yeah, after you help Eamon, he makes it possible for you to craft items that you can sell in the auction house for 10 millions... yeah, npcs don't help at all..
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I beg to differ. Shen is kinda cool, but only because he actually has a well-known actor. And what's more memorable then the great evil characters that Blizzard bestowed upon us?

Diablo for his REALM OF TERROAR.

Maghda for being the almighty Cain killer and for having such an out-of-place artistic design.

Azmodan for his head popping up everywhere and gloating about his awsome tactics.

Belail for being perhaps the worst liar ever attempted.

I could go on but I'm sure you understand my point. =p
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And who can forget "Black magic blocks our way... but the will of a Templar is stronger!!"
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Covetus Shen.....best npc in game. enough said xD
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Quantity does not = quality.
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There were plenty of memorable NPC's for me. Cain, Leah, Brother Malachi, not to mention the followers, and the artisans. There was lots of discussion to be had (there were achievements galore) not to mention tidbits of lore in books, journals, and archives...
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