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Diablo III Expansion? Ideas and discussions.

OK! So to start out, this thread is going to be about whether or not there are people who WANT to see an expansion or NOT see an expansion, ideas for an expansion, and anything else included into adding an expansion to one of the best BLIZZARD series that's out there...

So to start off I would like to say that I would LOVE to see an expansion to D3 and that also IN MY OPINION, I think changing the path of the Diablo story to more of the... "Angelic" side, would force the series to expand and push it to create whole new stories and characters that BLIZZARD could take and add to Diablo. To elaborate on "Angelic", I came across the idea a few days ago of maybe adding to the Diablo III storyline (considering how D3 has been THE Diablo game of telling the Angels side of the story and finally adding Heaven, itself, into gameplay) an expansion that maybe not just focused on the story of the Prime Evils and Hell, but took to the skys to unfold the truths of the Heavens. Basically, I would LOVE to see an expansion for D3 that tells the story of Malphael and his past (but tell his past in a more of a... text/dialog way) and where maybe the Angiris Council and the new founded "Nephalem" go to find the missing rogue Angel of Wisdom who, with not much known of what happened to him, thought to have been drove to madness but his knowledge of the universe. I say move towards the angiris council and their storyline only because this really hasn't been done yet other than in D3 and a few comics, but it didn't explain much and wasn't really about THEM.. I feel that an expansion about this side of the story could offer new options to BLIZZARD and the Diablo series and allow the game to start a whole new branch of story and gameplay and... MAYBE... WITH SOME EFFORT, bring D3 BACK to D2 standards and make this.. Eh, ok, RPG an amazing one like it was supposed to be. Also with expanding the story and taking on new regions of the world, including different places not only in Hell but in Heaven, it gives the Diablo III game a chance (like the LoD expansion of D2 did) of bringing out more classes and allowing player to get some new game experiences in (some of the classes I was thinking of were things like maybe some "Angelic" type classes, to fit the theme of course. Maybe something like the old Paladin or maybe even something like a Priest or something holy or maybe nothing holy at all but just new classes in general). Either way, I feel in my opinion, an expansion like this would be awesome and exactly what Diablo III needs especially since the Diablo story (as far as the game goes) focused more on Hell and its leaders than it did on Heaven and it's stories. I think an expansion where you search for and capture (or maybe not ;) Diablo IV question mark?) Malphael would be cool and add a lot to the game...

And that's why today I have brought this idea upon you, the community. I want to see how YOU feel about this idea, whether it be feelings towards MY idea for an expansion or just the IDEA of an expansion all together, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

...So to finally end me talking, please be nice to each other and don't troll or talk poop about other people's ideas or comments because everyone has a right to share their own opinions even if it's not YOURS. And if you guys/girls DO have arguments (since there WILL be some), at least please keep them friendly. So like I said, please expand on this, put some of your own ideas on here like maybe classes/plot and story line/enemies/bosses/or even places in world you would go to and just have fun talking about it. Can't wait to see what people have to say and their ideas.
OH! and really quick if you know anyone who plays DIablo (or did) tell them to come over and join us and to put their ideas down on this thread too. You never know, we might even get BLIZZARD's attention and finally make them make Diablo III SOMEWHAT like Diablo II was and restore the Diablo series reputation.


......Anyways.. HAVE FUN!

- Sly
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I'm hoping for a Greco-Roman class, like a hoplite. Storywise, these warriors could come from Skovos, Philios, or one of islands that they share with the Amazons.

Another possibility would be a vitality-based class, like a vampire.
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Imperius as a new boss in some way? Perhaps he was corrupted and become a fallen Angel like Izual? Before fighting Diablo there's a cut scene when Imperius threatens our heroes to stop progressing and it was full of beef. What a shame that we couldn't actually fight him!

New quest to save Leah's soul after Diablo is defeated? I really like that NPC. Again, it was a shame that she just "vanished" like that... Back in D2 when Baal was defeated, old Cain would award you a title like "slayer" for passing normal difficulty. I would really like to see Leah taking over her uncle's job and award you something for completing the game.

From conversation we all know that Leah's dream is just as simple as having her own inn... If the expansion set is gonna have a new Act then I hope she is the main NPC in that Act!
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That would be cool, they haven't really done much on the werewolf/vampire topic with Diablo like other RPG's in the same style have - I think they just don't want to be like everyone else (still would be cool though).
But as far as the roman idea that would be cool - introduce a new battle class like the old D2 Amazon, would be interesting to see the new abilities they would add with the new graphics and all.

And just read the new comment; Imperius WOULD BE COOL, but the only thing I would be concerned about is comic wise. I do have the "Sword of Justice" comics and I try all the time to look for other Diablo comics but no luck, but uh I would just be worried with conflicting stories, but that aside even if it was a battle as him as still a good angel but just a stubborn one (since in all the stories he hates mortals and is stubborn) that would be awesome and the Leah thing I do think they left it too open.... But ya, yes, new titles like the old ones: "Slayer" and "Patriarch/Matriarch" would be an awesome come back, I know it's not much "game-wise" but it did add a little special'ness to the game, nice ideas guys (or girls).

Very cool, very cool, still love to see what other people have to say. Love the interesting ideas keep 'em comin.


- Sly
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