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"Diablo III: The Angel of Wrath" Xpac ideas!

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Don't worry; there wasn't some Expansion-Pack announced while you weren't looking. I'm just bored, and I thought I'd take a stab at creating a full-on Expansion-Pack list for Diablo III. Of course, coming of with ideas doesn't take any effort, but like I said; I'm bored. So here we go! (Whee...!)



Tyrael, the Aspect of Justice (and later, the mortal Aspect of Wisdom), believing that mortals are the key to tipping the balance of the Eternal Conflict, enlists the aid of two estranged Paladins of the Zakarum Order. The sacred Order in Westmarch has been corrupted, but Tyrael has faith in two young, yet battle-weary Paladins who've been away on distant crusades since before the corruption took hold. Imperius, while opposing the idea of teaching Angelic war-techniques to mortals, agrees that if it is going to happen, he will ensure that it's done *right*, bestowing his Angelic Might and incredible martial prowess upon these two mortals.

In terms of Gameplay, this character would use two resources; Valor, which slowly regenerates over time, and Wrath, which slowly deteriorates over time. Valor skills would generally be more defensive in nature, whilst Wrath moves are more offense in nature, removing Valor-induced defensive bonuses and making you more vulnerable in the process. The idea is that you're constantly altering between defensive and offensive tactics, with heavy penalization if you fail to do so, while rewarding those who do.

Wears Strength-gear and wields "Rune Blade" as a Paladin-exclusive Weapon-type (Azurewrath notwithstanding), which can be wielded as a 1hand or 2hand (no real benefits, other than being versatile). For another Class-item-type, perhaps neck-slot Ankhs? Also, can acquire Tyrael's old set of armor, dubbed "The Aspect of Justice" Set.

Personal preference; I would love to see the female Paladin made out to be the daughter of the D2 Paladin, with dark skin but full, wavy black hair. For the male Paladin, I would really dig finally seeing a male character with red-hair, and presumable short, to further contrast the other characters by providing more of a "clean-cut" look. Also, whoever voiced Scourgelord Tyrannus in WoW -- hire that dude back to voice the Male Paladin!!!


Being secretive, perhaps even fearful keepers of knowledge, their existence was unknown to Diablo, and perhaps even unknown to Deckard Cain himself. Upon witnessing the Fallen Star firsthand, these two ragged nomads make their way to Tristram -- and to the last Horadrim who is still brave enough to confront Hell's forces despite risking his own life. These two characters would be completely Egyptian-themed, the Male lean and muscular with a bald head and styled goatee, and the Female tall and beautiful with jet-black hair, both of which would sport the dark skin and dark eyes of a sun-kissed people.

If you're read the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (which I highly recommend if you haven't), think of the Feruchemists (like Sazed) as inspiration.

Gameplay-wise, these would be close-to-mid-range Casters. Marrying spell-weaving with martial combat, they could tap into the life-giving properties of water to sustain their allies, imbue themselves with the radiant powers of the Sun to make themselves mighty in combat, or even surround themselves and their enemies with the Mists of the Underworld, potentially resurrecting the fallen as Skeletons, Mummies, or even Golems.

I would personally lean towards them using Intelligence-gear, and either a Two-handed Scythe, or special Headdress as their Class-exclusive equipment. Still, perhaps others might have better ideas?
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86 Human Paladin

After the events of Diablo III, Imperius refuses to acknowledge Tyrael as the Aspect of Wisdom. Declaring that the Nephalem's victory over the Prime Evil only proves how dangerous they are, he casts down the mantle of "Valor", and becomes the "Aspect of Wrath" (a nice reference to the Paladin's resources, eh?).

As we learned from Kormac, the Templar Order of Westmarch has become corrupt, and furthermore, they were planning to rebel against the Angels anyways. As such, Imperius chooses Westmarch as the battleground for his relentless campaign. When Tyrael and our Heroes arrive, not only is Imperius besieging the city, but you must also contend with the corruption that has taken hold of Westmarch; the Inquisitors themselves!!!

As you venture across Westmarch, itself surrounded by peaceful waves of grain, you delve into the "Holy City" itself, only to find that many of the Temples have been home to disturbing, gruesome interrogations and "wtich-hunts". And facing both mortal and Angelic onslaught, having first vanquished the Inquisitor's of Westmarch, you make your way into the King's throne-room, Imperius himself plummets from the sky, the walls around exploding outwards. Here you stand, Nephalem against the Angel of Wrath.

Upon defeating him, Tyrael stops you from delivering the final blow. Upon interrogation, Imperius reveals that it was Malthael's voice that drove him to madness, that forbid him from recognizing Tyrael as the new Aspect of Wisdom. Malthael instructed Imperius to conquer Westmarch, and retrieve the Black Soulstone after it fell from the heavens. The King of Westmarch reveals that his consort, a beautiful witch, had recently returned, and retrieved the black rock almost as quickly as it had arrived. Left to wonder Adria's and Malthael's true motives, the King reveals that before she vanished, Adria had inquired about passage to Kingsport....


Having re-build Old Tristram into a "headquarters" of sorts, this would function as a no-frills Dungeon-Crawling moe. No Story to speak of, you simply journey into the Cathedral, and make your way down a seemingly-infinite numbers of Floors. As well, your "Teleport to Town" function is disabled in this mode.

Unlike Story-mode, when you die here, you're transformed into a "Ghost" (just like you are when you first Abandon your Body). You will remain a Ghost until everybody in your team is dead (if you're by yourself, you simply don't become a Ghost at all). In addition, every 10 Floors is a guaranteed battle with a randomly-chosen Boss from the Story. Once you kill a Story-Boss, a Portal to Town will appear, but each person may use it only one time, so make it count!

Based on how many Floors your team made it to before wiping, every player will be award with a "Trophy". This Trophy is simply a guataneeed Magic Item or better, with the odds of it being Rare or Legendary going up based on how many Floors you made it to, with one difference; your Character's name is added as a Prefix (ie, "Terin's Skycutter", or "Rowdy's Socketed Bow of the Angels").

In addition, add Leaderboards, just to really flesh this mode out. have it available for all four difficulties, with each getting progressively harder as you go down further. Not only could this be the go-to for high-calibur players, but it could double as a fantastic way for Players to level Alts.


When playing by yourself, and ONLY by yourself, add "Interludes". These would essentially be "Single-player-only Acts", which would be shorter, but more story-driven, even allowing Companions to be treated as full-fledged, Story-relevant characters. In addition, perhaps your Class would come into play here.

For example, in "Interlude I" as a Horadrim, you discus at a length what kind of person Deckard Cain was with Leah, who is still reeling from her loss.The Horadrim take it upon themselves to find suitable flowers or ornaments tor Cain's pyre, having to search throughout all of Act I. The Paladin, however, might be tasked by Tyrael to find a sacred area of prayer, and deliver a message to an Angel.

These could later transpire to even greater chapters. For instance, maybe in "Interlude IV", the Enchantress is kidnapped and to be burned as a Witch in the outskirts if Westmarch, which causes Kormac to abandoning all else and proclaiming his love for the girl. Or maybe in Interlude II, the Thieves' Guild actually does catch up with you, delivering some potentially unsettling news regarding Lyndon's brother or the woman he loved.

Basically, Interludes would just be the Story-based content that doesn't "fit-in" with the rest of the Multiplayer, Grind-centric gameplace. The Companions are just so interesting, they really need a way to shine; this just seemed like a good solution.
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I appreciate you posting this here, remember however, this forum moves pretty slow, so it could take awhile to receive feedback. I see your post as a compilation of good ideas, given by the player base in one thread. I take enjoyment in your idealism. Once again, thank you for taking the time to re post this here.
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i love it. I just love it. The new features that you brought in, increases the continuity this game so much. I hope you get attention. The endless dungeon is just mouthwatering. Congratulations I applaud you.
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I like this idea a lot. I also would like it if somewhere in the next expansion pack they included freeing Inarius from hell. You know, the father of all nephalem who was trapped in hell to be tortured for all eternity.

THAT guy.
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