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Next upgrade for Archon wizard? 200m budget

Hey guys,

My wizard does pretty good in mp6 or mp7, but mp8 begins to be very hard. I am NOT looking at a skill check, nor to receive tips like "you should craft new amulet/gloves/bracers/shoulders", because i already know that. However, what can i do with a small 200m? It can be a single piece upgrade or two, i dont mind! :)

Ive been thinking about the Tal Rasha chestplate, and a Tal Rasha amulet. What do you think? Do you have another idea? :)


My stats are:
-223k dps
-47k life
-3300 armor
-2,29 AS
-50% CC
-765 AR

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Well... As an archon wiz u would want some life steal, so the Chantodo's set is not the ideal setup for you.
A weap with high dps, life steal and a socket/chd would be nice for you. And a triumvirate in ur offhand
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Just remember to get a black weapon with LS/OS high dps, and some int if you can afford it. Pair that up with a good 6/6/6 triumvirate and you should see a significant boost to your sheet dps. The problem with my Wizard is that I sacrificed some AR and Armor to boost my dps...so I am a tad squishy in the Higher Mp's. Crafting helps...but it takes time to get that right item for each slot.
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Alright guys! Is the weapon switch more important than a Tal Rasha duo (chest + amy?) in your opinion?
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Oh, and why do you guys suggest a triumviate? There has to be a reason, but i ignore it! :(

Thanks by the way for your useful inputs! :D
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litany of undaunted, int, life on hit 300-400

best upgrade for the buck, and very cheap
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Dont go LoH, u need lifesteal.
Also yes, trium is the best offhand for archon wiz, good avg dmg and the "Add % to XX dmg" with good amount of int and vit.
You dont need APOC for archon to work, so u dont need Chantodo's Force.
Yes the weap with LS is more important than Tal armor + ammy
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Cool thanks! :D
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