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PvP barb looking to duel top flight players

As topic, i'm looking for top tier players to kick my !@# for educational purposes.

I'm particularly interested in GG WDs, super high DPS monks, and top tier rapid fire DH.
Would love to have a wizard surprise me. I'm also always welcome for a barb vs barb as I long for the day when the true immortal king comes along to stomp me.

Also, if you have any pieces that are upgrades to my own (for PvP), I'll undoubtedly be interested.

Add me in game, Luan#1739

Cheers, and good hunting the baba.
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Very fun matches! Always a pleasure.
I recorded a bit, there is Laun vs me, BigBaller and Meijuistia

For the best bits where I get a few good kills > www.twitch.tv/saltydizzle/b/427913214?t=11m45s

Full vod> http://www.twitch.tv/saltydizzle/b/427913214
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Fun duels the other day. Glad to find non-super-tank Barbs, although with very dangerous damage! I'm just satisfied the matches didn't take forever like with some other Barbs I know.
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mmm hmm. added
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Thanks for the duels everyone. You are all highly skilled and without ego, a rare combination.

Nice videos and thanks for uploading Salty! Though I have run into you and fr0g plenty of times in public games, you two continue to always surprise me with what the wiz can do.

Maybe I will message you later today Iria to get in more action with your DH. Yeah, the matches have great pacing! Unless of course you catch me out of position and you fry me in 3 seconds flat lol.

Great session this morning with scrapz, fr0g, and wreckageD, good fun ;)
We should have tried a short FFA.

Looking forward to more from you guys in my friends list as well as new challengers! Come hunt the baba!

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07/09/2013 09:38 PMPosted by Luan
Thanks for the duels everyone. You are all highly skilled and without ego, a rare combination.

You too are a good player in this way Luan. Need more guys like you around. Cheers!
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Cheers Robn, I hope to see you again in game sometime :)
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Hey Luan can you stream your duels(twitch) or put them on youtube so we can all watch them !!!
So many people wants to watch barbarian duels =) thx in advance
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according to my calculations u have the worldbest BVB-stats so will be difficult to find the immortal king ^^

but i really have no idea how u can survive vs nonphysical ranged attacks since u have only 4,37 mio ehp

2 hits from iria should kill u -.-

great char anyway; i only hate that u all pvp barbs use the !@#$ing duped imbalanced neck
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Hi Executioner. You are right, Iria kicked my !@#!

But it wasn't due to two shots. His skill , positioning, the metagame of godtier DH rapid fire having an edge over barbs (just my opinion - would love to be mentored otherwise), as well as my mistakes cost me. It was like a 3:1 ratio. If I am playing at my best, maybe a 2:1 ratio of me eating dirt. It was exceptionally fun! Would insert another quarter to continue!

Correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't impale, spike traps, chemical burn, and rapid fire all physical? Most DH use fire support, and the rockets are also physical!

I did try varying degrees of tankiness, up to 7m+ ehp and down to 100k dps with a S&B setup, but it was actually the skorn setup that gave me the best results.

Maybe if Iria can chime in here and give some advice for barbs that brave to walk in the shadow of his volley of death. Regardless, i'm fine with losing, it gives motivation and a chance to improve!

As for teeming, yeah. Just view it as a cursed item. Sometimes if you desire power, you have to be willing to allow some taint to enter your soul. So... that you can still get your $%^ kicked by guys like Iria, Asmodai, and Refraktion.


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07/15/2013 03:44 PMPosted by Luan
Maybe if Iria can chime in here and give some advice for barbs that brave to walk in the shadow of his volley of death. Regardless, i'm fine with losing, it gives motivation and a chance to improve

Don't get rooted with your Furious Charge and Leap on cooldown. If you are going high damage and low EHP this is certain death. The high damage Barb style is not recommended versus DH since they can go medium EHP (100k Life, 4000 Armor, 600 Physical Resist) and survive 1 critical Rend with Preparation and 2 Smokescreens. This puts the pressure on the offensive Barb as they cannot survive one burst of Rapid Fire without Ignore Pain, and typically that kind of Barb will need to use Ignore Pain to approach (to land the one rend that won't kill the DH). This leaves the DH in the position to win after surviving the Rend while the Barb is on cooldown. In some cases, the DH will just outmaneuver the Barb and they won't even get hit with the Rend at all while Ignore Pain is up.
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Thanks for the session earlier today Iria! I think skilling both Furious Charge and Leap for a double escape, in the right hands (I still need more practice) can make for good fun. I like how the game has naturally progressed to a point of positioning and timing cooldowns for some matchups at the ultra-high end.

I checked out your profile on EU. Wow, impressive. I recommend everyone take a look at his EU setup. It's the best 1h PVP barb setup I've seen, and I've seen a lot. Not a single wasted stat, clever gearing, and nearly perfect rolls. It must include at least a few #1 Europe pieces.
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i test alot and mostly try to gear up according to calculations and try to use special tactics

if u play relentless u need 1 item with 10000 healthglobes
if u play without fury regen u need - reduced furycosts
if u cannot tank the other player u need mitigation via runspeed

best setup according to my calculations is 2 hand barb - rare weapon + soj
i can reach incredible stats of 6,1 mio ehp and 4,2 mio dmg of rend crits... but nobody cares

because barb has only stupid wotb as anti cc all setups where u have not minimum 10 mio ehp are not viable especially vs wd and monks and dh... so i have to use gimp 1 hand setup

to be honest i only care on bvb and i thought i have godlike setup for that especially by using best 500 vita and best 500 str rare weapons; i was a bit surpriced to see u got even better statz in your gear :D but mosty because of your neck...

if u had my rare weapon your rend dmg would go through the roof for every hota setup skorn is still best in my eyes but i hate hota at all
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Dont know if ill be a big challenge but add me

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I agree with most everything you said. We need a CC breaker so bad it's hilarious. Everyone knows this though, so it's preaching to the choir.

I actually haven't thought of slotting a 10k health potion affix on a single piece for relentless. Very good, and thanks! I do however, find that godtier players of the classes that do pose a threat to us can spike us past the red-zone very easily. Perhaps not in an ultra-tanky setup, but i find myself using nerves of steel more often than not.

Regardless, when the PTR eventually goes back up, I'll mail you a teeming and then look for you on the battlefield!

Will do! Looking forward to it!
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i prefer relentless over nerves if i have > 170 k life and if i am not fighting vs dps-monk or dps-dh

has the advantage that u cannot be killed by any dot if u have pot or ignore pain rdy.
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