Diablo® III

Bored as Hell !!!

In short...
- Stuck at home
- On call waiting in "just in case they need me mode" (work stuff)
- Don't feel like farming paragon (US side)
- Can't buy upgrades... need truck loads of gold (EU side)
- Not worth spending large amounts in G-AH (US side)... Wyatt/Travis alluded to nerfs to Wiz (see the interview) :-/
- Wife / Son are off to a baseball game... without me :o(
- Not much on cable TV
- Not much on Netflix
- Tried messing around with HC (EU side), but the lag monster is causing trouble (my internet is fine... I've done the speed tests)
- Large family barbeque going on without me :o(

Bored as Hell !!!
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Sadly you won't find entertainment playing Diablo3 :( Hopefully they bring home some BBQ for you!
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I've been promised:
- a large salad bowl (I need my leafy greens)
- 2 pies
- 4 burgers
- 4 hot dogs
- a plate of spicy BBQ ribs
- a plate of spicy BBQ wings
- potatoe salad
- tuna macaroni salad
- at least 2 pieces of fish
and something else... I think my aunt is trying to fatten me up. :0)

Its something to look forward to.
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Partial freedom... tethered to company cell phone and have to be available to hop on phone and remote into client site to help :0(

It pays the bills... If I wasn't on-call it would be Ball game then BBQ...
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If you're into sci-fi or just science in general, I would suggest watching Europa Report. Watched it recently, was a good movie.
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07/04/2013 10:17 AMPosted by DragonLight
I think we found out what makes u feel bored. Its your job. I would suggest enjoy as if no one will really call u today. If not u going to waste this day .

Bring a laptop to BBQ.
Connect to Wifi.
Problem solved.

They've called 2x already (been up since 5:25am EST). I was hoping for possible Wifi access. However, a relative checked for me and he has no wifi available at the BBQ location :o(
I would be enjoying internet, cable, family, friends, food if the BBQ was at a relative's home.

Going to look up that Europa Report movie.
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Try Youtube. There is all kinds of shows to watch there, even some movies. Sometimes when I'm really bored, I watch conspiracy theory junk like "Did they really walk on the moon", stupid stuff but good for a laugh.
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I couldn't do an on call job. I'd feel stressed constantly.
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Isn't other video games for you to play?
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