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MP10 Ghom Kill Time Topic For Fun!

Hmm 1:08 @ 226k DPS... which seems to be just enough for single LS (2.5%) on my build.
I'm sure I can do better and become more efficient.
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Updated from 2h monk :)

29 sec.. first hit on 0:02 end on 0:31

using this build :

Can get better time if i change all my gems to marquise, use 150dex+ inna pants, and upgraded tyrael might to 15demon 4elite (i am using 12demon 4 elite in this video)

still need input which is better BOY or guardian path (for 2 h monk of course)
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07/05/2013 08:39 PMPosted by Ansela
Btw, our time cannot be compared to wiz, wd, dh, and barb.. i think for single target they are better

I think the other characters are built for higher damage so this makes sense to me. I've seen DHs with 700k unbuffed dmg.

I achieved 56 seconds with a FoT SOJ. I didn't use bells, but I think I'll try that later. I think I need to get a ruby in my EF first.


One thing that seemed to work fairly well for me is Palm Explosion - The Flesh is Weak. It does the most damage over time per spirit spent and also increases damage taken by Ghom by an additional 12%. I'm looking for a way to stack that with bells.

Here is the spec I used:


This actually is helpful for me (other than just being fun). I plan to find the fastest setup to kill Ghom and then try to use it for DE farming.
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Bumping this for fun!

Add more record guys!

Not really a challenge. It's just for fun.

Make sure to put your d3up link or d3rawr link for the profile you used so we can all share it for good.
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My Video

Kill Time
29 Seconds Flat

Skill spec used:

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Are you using the inna's belt with an inna's helm or mempo?

Tal's chest + inna's favor + mempo can be gg!

I used 3 variants:
- mempo + tyrael's chest + inna's belt + inna's pants
- mempo + tyrael's chest + wh + inna's pants
- inna's radiance + tyrael's chest + wh + inna's pants
They all seem to produce just the same damage. The last variant works even better for 3gen cookie build - in my case. Haha, mempo is not the best hat for monk.

Should find Tal's chest somewhere :)

Hey seege...is your profile on the Europe server? I checked it out, your Monk is awesome!
154k hp!!! yikes.
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