Hey everyone, I haven't seen quite this build posted before so I thought I'd share it. I've been experimenting alot with various builds and skill combinations and I've found one that really works for me. Even with my mediocre gear I can do MP8 VoA runs without deaths or excessive kiting.

The key skill of the build is Arcane Mines. Every other skill is chosen to compliment and enhance Mines. Here is the build:

Teleport: Calamity and Mirror Image: Mocking Demise work surprisingly well with Mines. The 2s arming time is the skill's biggest drawback, leaving you vulnerable for a critical few seconds until detonations and lifesteal kick in. But Mirror Image provides decoys for monsters to play with while mines arm, and you can control mob movements with well-placed Calamity explosions. It's extremely fun to teleport into a pack, send them flying, and by the time they've charged back in your mines have armed and start detonating.

The build is high on control and versatility. Ranged enemies are laughable; Blizzard+Mines deals with them by themselves. Controlling affixes like Frozen, Waller, Jailor etc can all be broken by either Mirror Image or Teleport. Fast mobs that evade mines can be slowed down by Blizzard and forced back into minefields with the Calamity knockback.

I also use an Enchantress with Maximus as part of this build, which provides yet another aggro-attracting minion on the field to keep mobs stationary for the mines. Between the summoned demon, the mirror images, the mocking demise stun, the blizzard slow and the forced movement of calamity, you can effectively lock down or manipulate enemies.

Comments and criticism welcome :)
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