When recasting Mirror images with the mocking demise rune, as long as your current 2 images are still alive, instead of creating new images, the cast acts as a detonator and the spell goes back on cooldown.

Unlike other Mirror Images, when recast before the previous cast expires (via Illusionist or Critical Mass), your character still twitches off in a random direction, the current images explode, and when the effects clear, two new images do not appear.

Is this intentional?
(Example compared to mirror mimics)

Mocking Demise:
Cast #1 = 2 images Cooldown~
Cast #2a = (If 2 images exist) Detonate them. cooldown~
Cast #2b= (If no images are present) Create 2 images. Cooldown~
(Cast - Explode - Cast - Explode)

Mirror Mimics:
Cast #1 = 2 images. Cooldown~
Cast #2 = (IF images exist) vaporize and create 2 new image. (IF images do not exist) Create 2 images. Cooldown~ (Images are always created when the spell is cast)

If this was intentional... Why is there a cooldown of the entire duration of mirror images (illusions have a 7 second timer, the spell has a 16 second cooldown) before we are able to detonate them? Pushing the button should cause the current 2 to explode and at the same time create 2 more. (Create - Detonate/Create - Detonate/Create)


If like Teleport (Reversal). After the first cast the spell DOES NOT go on cooldown until the images are detonated (by pressing the button again or another spell like teleport fracture/ archon) or destroyed (by mobs and explode), and then start the cooldown timer.

Seems strange to have a cooldown on what feels like a recall as opposed to a recast.