Diablo® III

MP10 Solo Ubers.

SO. I'm pretty active on the forums. I try to peek into others threads and read whats going on.

You always see those mp10 solo uber threads pop up once in awhile, grats to all who done it btw. ^_^
I have been really bored lately and the last time I soloed every uber was on mp8 about 3-4 months ago. I got way stronger since than...

So I decided to give it a go and solo all three Ubers on Mp10! Here is the build I used!

I got 5 stacks first for the hell of it. <_<

It went well. I didn't die once. My NDE only went off during the Kulle SB fight. I actually killed SB first, Kulle was like around 60% when SB died. I went into the fight thinking I would kill Kulle first, but after about 1 whole minute trying to fight around SB, I said !@#$ that I'm just gonna punch the %^-* out of you SB. So yeah, that's how it went down.

I mean, I'm pretty freaking buffed, not really crazy dps wise, but all around pretty good. So I wasn't really expecting it to be crazy hard, but SB Kulle did give me a run for my Money. I almost died.. NDE ftw. ^_^

The gear I used is the gear that's on my Profile.

I DIDN'T use a follower. I wasn't sure if it was like allowed to use one or not, so I just decided NOT to use one.
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Nice job I think I am going to give this a shot soon have done then in a group mp10 but never have tried them solo
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yeah nicely done almost inspired me to try =D (almost!) don't think I'm quite ready for that
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Gratz on your achievement Teckno! :)
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Thanks ^_^
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Well done! It makes me want to try it too, since my stats and equipment are almost the same as yours! (Except that you have way more HP than me)... But I'll just a follower with Maximus, hopefully it will help in the SB/Kulle fight.
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I havent fought ubers solo on purpose in a long time..
1.0.6 = Could carry w/ 3 others easily. So I have done it before but w/ diff mechanics.
I'm sure I could solo now ... SB/ Kulle was the only one I had trouble with when I first tried after coming back. Does anyone know if they turned up Damage on Ghom's poison cloud because I never had problems in that fight.. seems to be the one I occasionally go down on the most in groups. Other than that it has to be an SK Invis strike [and there are a lot of them] or Kulle planting a tornado and fireball right where SB is throwing me onto ground.
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Not sure if they messed with Ghom.
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Maybe I try to do this again without Serenity and NDE. Maybe... whenever i feel like it.
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Grats to Teckno...doing this with no follower is quite impressive!
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