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tried the tri-build, and loved it....

@Laurelynd @Kimsulki84
That is very good information. Thanks! And no, maximum efficiency is hardly my motivation for wanting to play with different builds. For that, I look to my 2H TR/Bell builds to accomplish those means. I think my objective with my SC monk right now is to maximize build variety, so I'd like to obtain gear that would be most suitable for different builds. I don't need to have the best gear for any given build, just something that would work effectively.

With that said, it might be time for me to really consider getting myself a decent WKL. I've avoided that fate from the very beginning of this game because I hated the idea of getting locked into a single build (that WKL tends to do). But now that I have at least 5 or 6 different builds to choose from, a decent WKL could really help to expand my repertoire. I would likely want to pair the WKL with one of my rare swords, seeing that I don't really want to deal with EF's fear proc too much despite what it does to sheet DPS.

Would you advise me getting a LS WKL to run this build, or do you think a single LS weapon is viable? If a single LS is enough, then a ChD WKL? Obviously, getting one on the higher end of the +% bonus to lightning skills is something to strive for (closer to 25% the better). What can I expect to get for under 200M for a LS WKL? Just curious, as this would be a brand new market that I have yet to really look into.

Thanks for your tips, if you provide 'em!
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CD WKL is much cheaper. I would just recommend you to get a pretty nice CD WKL and swap for nasty ones if you are fine with that. I hate swapping gears in fights, so I don't do that, but there's nothing wrong with doing it.

It's just fun to have different gears for different builds.

The current state of the game has been pretty much exploited to the fullest at least for me. Hense I started HC! :P
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Good point. I already have my 2nd LS sword ready to go, so getting a higher damage WKL should be my priority.

And yeah... to be honest, one of the only reasons I am doing this is because I have the gold just sitting around and I want to acquire some interesting items right now to increase the variety of builds I can experiment with in my SC monk. I'm not quite where you are at in terms of feeling that I have explored every single facet of the game, but for the most part, I'm there. I just need to complete my run to p100 to complete the circle.

HCSF presents a whole new set of challenges for me that I am really looking forward to. I don't think I'll be spending too much time with my SC monk, but it doesn't mean I don't want to have any gear lying around for when I want to just thrash the trash in SC. Maybe I'll start doing a bit of shopping with the gold that I have left and see where it takes me.
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@ Nameless

I'll have to somewhat disagree with KimSulki on the WKL thing. The build requires you to be in the center of the mob at all times, kiting them around and taking them down 1 or 2 at a time is not an option, as it's very inefficient. You can't drop a Bell in the heart of the crowd from afar, you'll have to stand there and take whatever punishment is thrown at you. All this requires very decent mitigation and preferably dual LS.

Single LS is doable, on condition you have a second form of sustain - high LoH roll, over the top regen, or - as I've been toying with the idea lately - some nice LpSS from Radiance and/or weapon. Overawe is pretty Spirit-demanding and considering you'll be spamming one of those every 3 sec, LpSS can do miracles in keeping you alive.

Disclaimer: Valid for MP 9-10 only. Lower difficulties are certainly possible with some decent DPS and single LS only, without any additional form of sustain.
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Laurelynd has a valid point. Thanks for sharing that.

It depends on the ehp level of the monk to really decide going Single LS or Dual. When I had my old CD EF, I was completely fine with Single LS unless I'm facing RD pack or nasty affixes.

And I've played with Nameless before, he plays very well.

But yeah, Laurelynd's point is valid. It's up to you Nameless! :)
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