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2H Monk seeking advice!

Got a different amulet and switch to Mantra of Conviction >>> Submission.

Definitely noticing them drop a little easier for me in MP1 / MP2.

Now I just have to rinse and repeat for a few thousand hours and pray for a decent item to sell or equip.

Bums me out, can't afford hardly anything, haha.
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I feel ya. We're pretty darn close in builds and gear. You have much better resists which limits me to MP5. I do reasonably well unless I'm careless/unlucky and get the pool laying laser trap setting, stop me in my tracks freaks of nature. Then it's a blood pounding fight. I died a few times on a farting fat fatty run last night. Seems the place was crawling with them.
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Unzero, for farming, you need to drop mystic ally and use Tempest Rush.

Make sure that attack speed does not exceed your spirit regen rate. So if your spirit regen is at 12 per second, you don't want more than 1.2 attacks per second. This will allow you to tempest rush forever (use the tailwind rune for faster movement..). Will make your farming runs much much much faster.

If you need to, drop cyclone and use the 1 rune that gives you +3 spirit per second and if you need more spirit regen still, use Mantra of healing with circular breathing or get a inna's radiance that has spirit regen.
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Sorry I keep changing my builds around, I know I've logged out in a different setup a few times since I've posted. I use the cookie cutter TR build.

Left Click - Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap
Right Click - Tempest Rush - Tailwind
1 - Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
2 - Sweeping Wind - Cyclone
3 - Mystic Ally - Air Ally (I have switched this out for Cyclone Strike - Implosion...occasionally)
4 - Mantra of Healing - Circular Breathing

Passives : Exalted Soul ::: Chant of Resonance ::: The Guardian's Path.

I do need to get a little bit more Spirit Regeneration, and sometimes I will throw in Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm when I'm really getting into the flow of things, because it allows me to be more efficient by always having the Spirit to Tempest Rush.

The only things I have been messing with lately that is different is I noticed that I can drop Mystic Ally - Air Ally for Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light and Mantra of Conviction Submission.

So my build ends up looking like this:

I am completely flat broke or I would try to get a Spirit Regeneration helmet, which would put me exactly where I want to be for Spirit Regeneration to return to using Sweeping Wind - Cyclone.

It's all in the luck of the drop I suppose, I stopped spending money on this game, never did spend much, but after over 1000 hours I've had only a sale or two for a few million that I ever found, just not that lucky I suppose.

I got a lot of work to do to get my gear up there so I can just permanent Tempest Rush while taking everything down effectively. I'll figure it out, though!

Crafted a new set of gloves and a new amulet today, hoping I can continue and make the amulet better until I have enough DPS / EHP to maybe bump up to MP2 or MP3. Whatever is the best experience, I suppose. Definitely ready to start crafting all rubies I find so I can put a good one in my helmet!

Anyone have any thoughts on what my next piece of gear would be to upgrade? And is it upgradeable on a 2,500,000 budget? Heh....

Thank you so much, Monk forums! Loving the switch from Witch Doctor and Wizard to Monk! Still working out the kinks and ready to take this character to new heights!
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I been logging out in a lot of different builds because I joined a few friends games in MP5 and MP6 for fun and got squashed hardcore.... I am going to return to MP1 for a couple of days to just grind out a ton of Demonic Essences, I already know I won't find anything worth selling or keeping so I am just focusing on crafting until I get the slots I can craft upgrades for finished....even considering a Hellfire if I could get someone to help me do it!
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UPDATE : Replaced my Inna's Radiance with one with Spirit Regeneration on it, so I can now permanently Tempest Rush.

Now the question becomes, what do I replace Mystic Ally with? Maybe Serenity for a life-saver? Or Cyclone Strike to take down large packs quickly? Trying to up my DPS as well.... hopefully I get it figured out. I'm near 140,000 DPS buffed now!
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You should replace serenity with Bells and thunderclap with quicken.
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Fists of Thunder: Quickening
Gives you lots of spirit.

Wave of Light: Empowered Wave
Spirit dump with the best damage:spirit ratio

Tempest Rush: Tailwind
General mobility

Sweeping Wind: Inner Storm
You don't get much out of cyclone with a 2H weapon due to slow attack speed, 3 spirit regen is amazing (especially with guardians path + Templar buffs).

Free slot.
Breath of Heaven: Blazing Wrath is a nice 15% buff,
Blinding Light: Faith in the Light is good burst especially if you hit overawe at the same time. I've also tried
Seven Sided Strike with the reduced cd rune with some okay results.

Mantra of Conviction: Overawe
Submission is okay for lower mps.

Exalted Soul
Chant of Resonance (fleet footed if you don't need the regen)
Guardians Path
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Thank you, Mauzn, trying it this way has had incredible results, completely melting everything!
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Going to spend the majority of the day grinding some Demonic Essences, crafted 140 Bracers this morning and not a single one had CHC and All Resists on it. Kind of sad.
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Anyone know if it is better to craft a ton of items at a time or just crafting as you go? Seems like when I only do batches of ten that I don't see good results, but if I do thirty at a time at least one of them turns out almost decent...
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Also, at what DPS does this build start melting through MP2?
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Definitely seems like Bracer crafting hates me!
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Should I be focusing on crafting right now, or is there some glaringly obvious problem with my build? Feels like I'm so gimpy...
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Tempest Rush into a group of Toxic Constructs killed me really quick....

Guess I shouldn't ask what to upgrade when I'm broke, but at least I can keep getting ideas to point me in the right direction.

Any and all help or criticism is always appreciated!
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Bumping my own thread to ask another question about my 2H Monk....

I want to get a Hellfire Ring for my Monk, but not sure how high I can turn up the MP.

A: Are there people out there who can help me do an MP10 run?

B: Is there any way to judge how high I can turn up MP, or do I just have to waste keys?
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Eh, I ran on MP7 with one friend and went over well, only had a few deaths! =)
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Been doing really well with this setup, recently swapped out my Natalya's Reflection (ring) in favor of an SoJ to keep my Spirit Regeneration really high so I basically just plow through everything and whenever I run into an elite I drop a bell and keep on running.

Been crafting like crazy, but I kept really good track of my Demonic Essence farming and I am averaging seven per hour.

I start every game in Vault of the Assassin in MP1 >>> Teleport at End >>> Black Canyon Mines >>> Road to Alcarnus clear to the Witch Portal >>> Restart game.

I looked through Druin's Tempest Rush guide, and am currently using it to determine my gear upgrades and my routes. Seeing as how I am currently less worried about Paragon Levelling then I am about my current EHP situation, and that I really need to craft much better equipment, what do you guys do with your TR Monk for DE farming? I seen a guy who had 500 crafts in an earlier thread, he must have some kind of monster run to be throwing down numbers like that. Maybe I should switch to Wizard or Witch Doctor to set myself up with higher MP runs?

Kind of at a loss here, been messing around with different types of runs on different MP levels and as far as I can tell until I can craft better stuff I am stuck in MP1. I am definitely crafting bracers over and over and over until I get a setup with 10 Critical Chance and 40+ Critical Damage as well as some resists and vitality, and will just continue to craft them until I get those stats, then I will move up in MP I hope.

There is no real most effective route for DE farming? Just need most elites per hour I can get and go with that? Spam VotA and just do that?
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