Diablo® III

If it weren't 4 D3, what game u'd be playing?

I just left D3, after a year. I'm just hanging on the forum a bit. Probably be trying Bioshock infinite, seems awesome!
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call of duty 4 is my second favorite game beside D3.
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bioshock infinite is awesome.Crazy plot twist and story plus good gameplay.
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Yes.. My stress level has gone down ALOT since i stopped playing Dota2...

Jaetch, dota time? rofl

I'm talking about old-school DotA, as in when Guinsoo was still in charge of the WC3 mod. Pretty much right after Aeon of Strife went out the window and in came DotA.

I think I stopped playing... pretty much right before D3 launched. I was somewhat alternating between DotA and SC2, but I sort of stopped trying so hard in SC2 after I went from Diamond to Platinum as 'toss, then decided to switch races for funsies and ended up going from Plat to Gold as Zerg. As with any person with dignity, I refused to use Terran. So I became a casual and played 4-way FFA with RL friends and just trolled each other (yay mass Warp Prisms and DTs).

I played DotA for about 4-5 years. Then Heroes of Newerth came out and we were pumped. We played HoN about 2-3 years then swapped over to DotA 2 when HoN's new hero's were terrible. Still get a game every now and then :) But too much sends me into nerd rage lol
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My gaming interests are pretty... diverse:

At home:
Starcraft 2
Gran Turismo 5
Metal Gear series

At my siblings' apartment:
Dance Central

At work, during breaks:
Magic: the Gathering (EDH)

In the arcades:
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Battle Gear 4
Initial D 5

I am a jack of all trades, but master of none. Lol
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07/10/2013 11:53 AMPosted by avila
qwop, end of story.

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SC2/D2 mods (Hells Unleashed / Meridian XL) or LoL ..perhaps a mix between the 3. LoL would probably dominate my time though.

As much as I complain about D3 I'm actually really glad to have it as my only gaming choice at the time..my life has changed a lot since launch so really I only have a handful of hours to dedicate to video gaming and D3 in it's current state is absolutely perfect for that as we all know :P No sense in playing 40 hrs a week like I used to. 5-10 or so and I'm good.

Now when itemization patch launches I might go crazy again but likely I'll have more time by then , won't be working 2 jobs and be set up at my own place ect. First week of that patch though I might take a mini vacation from work if you get my drift..80 hours playtime that week sounds good. First week of 1.09 I will suddenly not know what a female is besides my D3 wizard or how to clean..it will be the strangest thing XD
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D2 + Magic: The Gathering (Edh).

Due to my potetial ADHD (diagnosis in progress, hence, potential), everything else fells so slow... A barb nerf would put me back to coldsorc or SF monk on D3...

I played FFVII, but I just got beta on early disc 1 and destroyed everything until getting Trine... That was not actually "playing"... :)
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When GTA 5 hits.. it's GAME OVER.
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Fallout 3 goty edition. 20 bucks on steam. countless hours of solid gaming. It's literally one of the best games ever made. you won't be disappointed.
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Candy Crush!!!@!#@$
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07/11/2013 09:05 AMPosted by Creepshow
Fallout 3

not really.
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Diablo 3 is the only modern AAA game I really play. This and Dark Souls up until the block button on my controller gave out.

Otherwise it's mostly classic PC rpgs and modern indie games.

A few favs:

Fallout 1 and 2
Might & Magic series
Wizardry series
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
X-Com 1 and 2
Jagged Alliance 2

All fantastic. Those along with Minecraft, Terraria, and Rogue Legacy is what I'll be playin when I'm not farmin for mad loots.
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Castlevanian SOTN 202%

Gran Turismo 5 505PP on the Ring

House of the Dead

Tekken 6

Streetfighter Alpha 3

Dota 2

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (blizzard's best work before they sold out)

since blizzard didnt know how to make d3 interactive and multiplayered im going back to console
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07/11/2013 10:03 AMPosted by Tragic
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (blizzard's best work before they sold out

what do you mean it was sold out? by who? I played so much wc3...
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it was a time when blizzard didnt care about money as much as game play and wow-ing the fans

twas a time when blizzard had nothing to do with Activision or Vivendi
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Minecraft baby!
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Rpg wise i would say check out,

PS1-Breath of Fire 3 - Love this game so much.

PS1-Legend of Legaia - Cool battle system with imput commands.

PS2-Shadow Hearts 1&2 - Dark and twisted story with a trigger system like LoD.

PS1-Wild Arms 1&2 - Basic rpg with some action elements.

PS1-Legend of Dragoon - One of my top rpg's.

PS1-Final Fantasy 4/5/6/7 - Early FF games, who could've figured?

SNES-Secret of Mana - Super Nintendo ftw.

Also if you like Arpg's I would say check out,

Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1&2 - I've killed so much time on this game 2,000 plus hours.

Monster Hunter Series.

Dragon's Dogma.

Just a list of rpg's I always end up playing when I'm bored.
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DayZ, Zombies. Need I say more?

Simcity 4, Love playing this from time to time been working on my current region for almost a year.

Mighty Quest for epic loot Still in beta and has some bugs but it Diablo ish but you get to build your own castle defences too.

Battlefield Bad company 2. Still play 10 or 15 hours a month.Hated BF3.though

Planetside 2 This game is just insane. But who doesn't like a little insanity from time to time.

Minecraft I love to dig and build.

Diablo2 just recently reinstalled this have only played an hour or two. And alot of is was just running around with old saved characters.
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