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How fast I can make p100 with my new WD?

OFFTOPIC : dv : when we gunna run foundation again? racked up another ~20B last 2 weeks. 80B in sales soon going thru, 40B in purchases. feel like sharing soon again LOL
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Yea, its a jump to p lvl 1 from p100 :P

I can see it in HC, where I do now mp5-6 max, so I really enjoy the SC mp10.

Nice, just looked and p29 already lol. Going fast :)

Whats up with those gems, lol. Fl Sq?

See yea in game later....


Not fast enough haha, I was hoping to get 50 fast (to get some free stats from paragon) so I can perhaps run with you again before you make 100.

Flawless Gem are just something i slap on atm, I got tons of gems but havent decided if i should make RS or just buy from AH heh. I like to play first with my limited time already then worry on stats later. (perhaps 50 is when I will look at my gears again)

I know you dont approve but I like to keep gears separate among toons, thus I am not touching WD stuff but using her skorn atm since I am playing SS (if I looted a similar skorn, then I would keep them separate heh)

That's why wiz is just wearing stuff that I have around, when i get around to it I still need to craft stuff here and there, need to make better vit/int craft sets.

Without exp gear i can run mp8-9 smoothly, MP10 takes longer and deaths, thus i dont think its efficient enough for me to join your game yet. Too soft heh.

Are you like 100hrs @89 now?
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Nik...why a female WD?.....ew so ugly ;p

GL bud

but Luff is right.... full mp10 games are the fastest way to exp ;p
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Thanx man.

Yea, mp10 is uber fast now, so much xp.

Not sure now, but around p40-50 or so, I lvl'd 1para in fields alone and almost 2para if there was Decay crypt.

Now @ lvl 92, I lvl about 2-3 bars in fields with crypt. Haven't counted the exact xp, but its decent.

In last 2 weeks I didn't play HC, only HC AH and made almost 300m, so I can craft it all ....

BTW, your monk is going fast too :P
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MP8-9 is nice enough for challenge, since u didn't know much about the wiz stuff :P
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Yea, solo is not pushing me to make the run as fast, as it is in the group, that's for sure.

And xp is way better /faster since u guys melt monsters all around and I don't really have to hit it to get xp :) + the buffed bonus.

Love those fast runs ....

Boy, do I procrastinate sometimes when I play solo :P
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hahaha, monk has been moving fast, but its cause of the ruby/hellfire combo haha (recently dropped the hellfire). i found with the bells i can solo mp4/5 quikly and easily (elites die in seconds on mp4, which is boring in HC)

hope to see you back when youre done (shouldnt be long now :P), i just got a CD/ias/int hellfire so ill be making a wizard after this monk ;)
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Bells are so OP, lol. But in solo games, they are great.

Great saving tool for DC protect in HC.

I like monks with understanding WD play :)

I play with my friend in HC, a monk that has 40k dmg (used to have 25k , yea, he has maxed MF ) and we clear mp4-5 fast with his vortex. He is a great support monk.
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