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Florida law makes RMAH illegal?

bidding on a item you can see and know what it does is not gambling it is auctioning.., now bidding or selling unidentified items for money is gambling and could maybe fall under that sorta-ish
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According to Bill CS/HB 155 in FL electronic gabling devices are illegal. Now one doesn't think of Diablo 3 being a gambling but due to the bills poor use of words it seems that it does. Line 181 of the bill states what a 'Slot Machine' is defined as. If you continue to line 193 I'm not allowed to make money from anything that has the 'Chance' factor. Well D3 is all about chance, and since you can get real money from that chance factor I would also assume this breaks the law there.

Bill: http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2013/0155/BillText/er/PDF

Whats your thoughts on this?

RMAH is not a slot machine unless you make it one. Which means that instead of studying on the prices of the items in the AH you just decide to buy and sell items at the price you think that they are worth. But still that would only be a slot machine to you, and not everyone else. Those that know the prices of the gear and commodities are not putting in anything on chance. They are using their knowledge of the gear and commodities to make a profit. That is what flippers do all of the time. Even those that do not make nearly as much as they do still will profit from it for the most part.

Here the only chance is in the finding of the gear. But that would not put the chance factor on the RMAH it would only be in the game. I am certain that players would be more careful with their real money than gold. So they might not mind losing gold on a purchase that they intended to make more gold on. But that is not the case with real money. If they are buying an item to resell later then they will definitely make sure that they are gonna make money off of it. So there would be no chance factor at all.

Now days the majority of the players knows the stats on a piece of gear that makes it valuable and the ones that make it crap. That is not chance at all.

Finally if it is not a full law yet then it has to pass first before anyone would have to worry about it. So I would not worry about it at all.
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07/11/2013 06:42 AMPosted by nekkra
Anything else you want to take out of context? lol.

Ok I really don't know how to say this and get it through to some of you. Florida does what it wants and doesn't care about rights. They will lock you up for any reason they can find if they want to. There is no accountability with our law enforcement, politicians, or state prosecutors.

There's always accountability, and rights are cared about in Florida otherwise we wouldn't be reading about or watching a specific murder trial for well over the last year, but to end this fiasco, that bill and that thread from the OP is only a corrected and edited copy of a bill that is "being" presented to the House of Representatives of FL. That said, it will probably be edited several more times before it is either passed or scrapped.

Line 522 of said bill....."This act shall take effect upon becoming a law." So until it becomes a bill, or the OP posts the passed bill with the proper text, it has no weight, and if it gets passed, it won't affect the rest of our great nation or the Global market and the gaming community.
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07/11/2013 06:58 AMPosted by nekkra
You aren't gambling by purchasing a virtual product from someone.

You may not know this but the way these internet café casinos would work is that they would have computers lined up in their shop. When a patron comes in they are sold time on using those computers. The computers could be used to surf the net but all of them have slot machines showing. They were trying to circumvent the gambling laws by arguing they were selling internet time. I know this cuase I have met a guy that owned a few and knew some youngsters that worked at them.

BTW gambling in FL is illegal unless it's done at the Hard Rock

Corruption and Kickbacks FTW!

Nothing but a tired old ploy that has fallen flat on its face time after time. Hookers er escorts argue they are paid for their time as a companion not the sex that just happens to happen while they are hanging out with their client.
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07/11/2013 05:59 AMPosted by shreloche
No that would be considered like poker a game of skill. There is no random chance involved in a LoL match.

Poker uses skills too :) If you are THAT epic in math, you can do probability checks on your hand and will arrive in a conclusion whether you'll go with it or not ;)

Anyways.. in LoL, there's CHANCE and LUCK too unless they remove the Crit Chance and make all spells to deal True damage rather than range damage if you get what i mean :P
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The U.S. is not yet Italy but we're getting there...there will always be someone that profits by and therefore is willing to write and enforce a bad law.
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When you use the RMAH you are not gambling on a chance, you are buying or selling a license for a specific item.
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