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Grats for this post !
It help new players (or new wizard ^^)
Thanks a lot ! :)
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Thanks :-) I guess it will be hot here in few months. :-)
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finally getting around to reading some guides. thanks for the info
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Rather brand new to the whole wizard thing and I really want to thank this guide. I basically left diablo because I had full time school... previously because I had played with my online friends and pretty much let me coast cuz I'm awesome company, haha. I started my masters program full time and that ended that foray into the game and lost contact with 99% of my online buddies. I was a demon hunter and so I thought if try a wizard this time around. But I kinda made the mistake of grinding on new and shiny ptr to like 50 then realized I could've just bought stuff on the auction house in the old game. I kind of left before - or after the auction house started last time so not very wealthy in terms of being able to buy millions in stuff so hoping for some advice and thoughts. Still going through the forums but majority of stuff seems to be advice for past 60. Thanks and hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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To check/add

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ppl still use mumble in this thread right?
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The following is a link to a build I designed called Quattro based on the forthcoming passive skill, Elemental Exposure:


I'd would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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Well, I am waiting for RoS with this thread.

Then, I guess, there will be complete overhaul needed.
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For your information, ...all the builds prior to Patch 2.0.1 are no longer applicable.
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thw whole OP post needs to be overhauled and the sticky removed
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We're just waiting for RoS, as now I don't see any reason to put here 2.0.1 builds, as they will all change in ... 2 weeks?
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Shouldn't the CM builds be removed?
Thread needs an overhaul
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I am just waiting to lvl 70, RoS.
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Could someone post a more detailed discription of how to get onto Mumble? I downloaded the client and I still can't figure out how to get into the channel.
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Backup of pre-RoS builds OP.

Welcome to the Wizard Guides and Community section! If you are looking for Guides, if you want to know how to connect with the Wizard Community, if you are looking for Builds, or simply want to listen to some Wizard songs, you found the right place!

1. Builds - power your Wizard
2. Mumble setup - let's theorycraft live (work in progress 2013/09/17)
3. Wizard songs - what's behind the scenes (work in progress 2013/09/17)
4. Other guides - hunger for more Wizard information?
5. Help us grow


What spells to use to be most effective, or have most fun? What items to buy to get stronger? Enjoy the knowledge and time of our Wizard Community!

Kiting Wizards

"Old Danton was always fast, faster than all the enemies of Hell. He planned every attack from longer distance, unspotted, using not just his experience, but also his great wisdom. Enormous power of Arcane and Fire crushed any attempt to slow his journeys."
-Tales of Danton

Archon Wizards

"Huge laser coming from his hands. Beam of death, killing and destroying anything in his path. Archon was first who mastered the dark side of arcane power. And it was the connection with dark side which motivated The Council to end this madness, soon."
-Memories of cirE

CM-Based Wizards

"... and then we found a shortcut how to cast more spells than any mage before. Wizards who followed our findings started to dominate the battlefield with both immense power and group support."
-Masters of Math, Book II.

Melee Wizards

"He was no Barbarian or Warrior - whispers said he mastered the teleport and was able to slow the time. Was he a Wizard too? What we know is that his legacy will live forever."
-Our Last War

Other Builds

"Some 'Wizards' went crazy, some even sacrificed their life for their research. What we found in their diaries was sometimes totally crazy, but sometimes damn powerful."
-So What's Out of the Box? Vol 12


Want to get help, theorycraft, or just find friends? Yes, there is a D3 Wizard Mumble channel for your joy.

"We grew this big because it's in our nature to share - spread - our findings and knowledge. It is our weakness, on the other side, too.
-Just L2T, part I.


So, how all happened? You can read billion walls of text, but you will still miss a lot. This will change your life. I'm so sorry.

"There is much more truth in those Bards songs than one could think.
-Sir Melkor





So, you've read through this, but you're a Good Guy Greg, right, and you want to know what you can do to help? Awesome! Leave here a post and help us make the world better.
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To add http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10971757476
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What about paragon points?
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To add

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if u would :)
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For sure!

Also: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12187048616
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