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Great Week

A death such as that was bothersome the first time, but as it was/is something which will likely affect the game for at least the near future, perhaps permanently, the best option was/is to consider it as part of the game.

Real life more often than not doesn't conclude via circumstances which we can control, so to that extent, this makes the game more realistic for me. Should I not only play well enough, but defy the circumstances beyond my control, achieving something such as p100 will be all the greater!

Now to see how quickly Anpaka can evolve and get back to running with everybody again!
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This week was good :D
A Friend of me who wentto America for a year, came back to germany and began playing d3 again. FinallyI got a reason to play again. Btw grats @ OP :D
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07/14/2013 02:21 AMPosted by Dorian
A Friend of me who wentto America for a year, came back to germany and began playing d3 again.

Great post. It was oh so many years ago when I was in Germany for a year that a friend there introduced me to the original Diablo game. I didn't play again after leaving Germany, until the same person told me that DIII would be released. I bought a copy of DII about 6 weeks before DIII was released and here I sit today!

Thanks Dorian, your post reminded me of my Diablo roots. See you around the forum, and maybe in-game one day, cheers!
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Here we go again...

Nice drop, do I see an Archon Wizard of your future?!

No, someone offered me 72 mil for it, and I needed the money, LOL!

Just sold my old ammy and a Slorak's Madness with 197int 82 crit and -10 level requirement. Gonna buy me another Rad Star methinks. :D
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Fair enough, best of fortune getting the upgrade!

Getting back to running a WD has been fun, can't wait until it gets a bit stronger for uber runs. Did a few Act I runs last night and Sunday night.

Sunday provided the first drop displayed via the link and Monday the second. The TotD was especially memorable, since it dropped while running the WD, and was one of the upgrades I have in mind but thought would take a while.


How about others, what is the best upgrade that dropped for the same character anybody was running at that point?

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Got my Barb to level 60. Working on Inferno now. Only have 51000 buffed DPS so only bashing at MP0 Tried MP1 but almost died. I didn't so it is a great week. Hope I can finish Inferno this time! My Monk fell to a bit of bad luck last time and got stuck between three cages will fighting Diablo, if I had ended up inside one I think I could have survived but as it was had nowhere to run and was waiting for Serenity to recharge, Cheers.
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07/18/2013 06:12 PMPosted by klaatugort
My Monk fell to a bit of bad luck last time and got stuck between three cages will fighting Diablo

To have died fighting, such is all any HC hero could wish for! Glory to the Fallen.

My WD also went to the way of the Unformed Land recently, but it was my fault. If within the general area of the computer, Diablo will often be left running with the volume increased to hear the 'ping' of messages. If there is time to play I'll then relog to help reduce lag, or so I should do. I knew it should have been done then but opted not to. Apparently sacrificing a p40 WD was required to relearn that lesson!

But I digress, there should be some free gear stashed which could be useful for your Barb. Add me in-game and we'll have a look!
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