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Will consoles get Loot 2.0?

I understand that loot 2.0 won't be ready when the console games launch, so I'm wondering if such a large gameplay change is something that will be a free update, part of the expansion, or just something that will never happen on console.
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Consoles will definitely be getting Loot 2.0 but it will be tuned differently to the PC version and likely launch at a later date. It's not quite as simple as porting the changes to console due to the different gameplay mechanics.

That said the console is receiving a 'quality over quantity' buff at release which will launch for PC with Loot 2.0. But it's pretty much a guarantee that all the new/retooled legendary items (and the change that enables them to roll at any ilvl) will come to console as well.
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I don't know about that, I think people are just assuming it. Do you have a link to a blue post confirming it?

The reason is that I suspect loot 2.0 may involve changes to skills, and it's effect on existing high end gear is impossible to know. It's a pretty big change for a random free DLC and may be something only included in the expansion for consoles, IMO.

I was hoping for a blue response, or a link to an existing blue post, rather than just asking what people think.
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I haven't heard whether the consoles will get Loot 2.0. It may not need it - it is shipping with certain tweaks to the loot system that may mean it doesn't need the major revamp the PC version needs. Remember, the console version doesn't have the AH, which is what ruined the loot game on PC.

I'm sure that if there are aspects of Loot 2.0 that would work out for console, they'll port it over.
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I think it's highly unlikely they won't introduce most aspect of Loot 2.0 to console. It's already confirmed that the console version will indeed receive patches so why wouldn't they bring over what is outright the biggest change to the game since release?

Loot 2.0 will purportedly include;

redesigned legendaries to be game-changing
ability to drop all legendaries at any ilvl
redesigned "garbage stats" like LoK, Thorns, Gobe bonus etc.
elemental damage secondary effects
reconfigured loot tables

I think it's highly unlikely that such far-reaching changes won't come to the console eventually. If that's the case then the console playerbase are getting absolutely shafted. The quality over quantity buff is such a small change in comparison to these, and the only reason it's really there is to compensate for the diminished convenience of trade compared to the PC version (no AH, no trade chat, most players will be essentially self-found etc).
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I really am looking forward to playing this game on the Console. However, with the changes that are coming to the PC, with no guarantee that they are also coming to the console are upsetting. All I can do I suppose is hope that Blizzard does the right thing and eventually ports the changes over to the console as well, and supports the console just as much as they support the PC. Even if the changes are delayed from the PC version, just knowing that they're coming is good enough for me.

Loot 2.0 looks amazing - no confirmation that its coming to the console.
Reaper of Souls - no confirmation that its coming to the console
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i have a better question. they said all these changes [ except for mystic, level 70, new act and crusader] are coming through a patch before expansion for vanilla d3 owners to enjoy. will consoles get those too at some point?
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08/22/2013 03:25 PMPosted by Uffa
i have a better question. they said all these changes [ except for mystic, level 70, new act and crusader] are coming through a patch before expansion for vanilla d3 owners to enjoy. will consoles get those too at some point?

I surely hope they do, i'm sure they won't shaft the console players. I'm sure the patch or update won't come at the same time as the PC, but i'm sure it will come later. Hopefully not too late however.
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