I've created an android app to help you calculate gem upgrades for Diablo 3.

Features include:
  • Quick calculations showing required resources and gold outlay
  • Tells you how much you need to sell the resulting gem for to make a profit on the auction house, after the 15% cut
  • The gem trader - Runs through all calculations and tells you the best upgrades to craft based on the prices you enter
  • Stock on hand - Enter the gems that you have in the stash and include them in the calculations, used with the trader this will tell you the best use for all those gems you have, upgrade them or just sell them

== Lite Version ==
This version doesn't include the awesome Gem Trader which tells you the best thing to do with your gems, but it does let you calculate upgrades. Stock on hand can also be used for upgrade calculations.

Copy this link and paste it into a new tab - LITE VERSION


== Full Version ==
Includes the Gem Trader, this is the one you want, and it cheap :)

Copy this link and paste it into a new tab - FULL VERSION


I would love to hear feedback on improvements and if you find any bugs.