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Best class / build for "A Unique Collection"?

...I'm thinking a barb with sprint...? But I'd be curious to hear what other people find fastest, along with any tips for build / gear / etc...
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It seems to me like a lot of people use Monks with plenty of Spirit Regen for endless Tempest Rush (myself included), but I've also seen DH's running legacy Nats and using Vault (Tumble) and Tactical Advantage. I've never tried myself, but I'm sure a Sprint Barb would work just fine.

While Wizzes and WD's have Teleport and Spirit Walk respectively, to keep them up at a near-constant rate, you either have to rely on Critical Mass or Grave Injustice to reduce your cooldowns, which means more time stopping to attack/kill stuff.

So pretty much any class will work, it's mostly a matter of what you want to do while you're running around, and your personal preferences/playstyle.
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I'd say the Barb is fastest as long as you play MP level that keeps your Fury fueled. Barb being best for areas where Uniques you look for are in high monster density areas.

Second would be a TR Monk.

Third DH with skills mentioned by True.

I like to hunt with lower Paragon characters so I'm at least gaining XP and not totally wasting my time. So I've been using my DH.

When I go for the high bounties and get no immediate luck I switch to my Barb or Monk which are both at P100. But I bump up the Monster Power so I'm increasing my Essence and Leg drop rate.
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It also kind of depends if you want to get experience also.
I've tried it all, cause i almost always am unique hunting.
Pretty much tempest rush on lower difficulty is the absolute fastest.
Sprint barb is good when you are going for experience and want to kill harder stuff.
I like to use an allbuffs+1attack specd monk with max movement speed but pretty high damage\tank setup and run mp0-5 so i can nuke everything. Thats just based on not really liking TR though, you could do the same difficulties with a good TR setup.

-edit also i like to use vaulting DH setup on lower difficulties, its extremley fast on small maps when you can keep it up the whole time
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Thanks all for the suggestions!
Because I'm currently also going for the "light entertainment" at the moment, I'm running normal/mp0, and I don't want to accidentally kill any monsters... so I'm doing the DH/vault(tumble)/preparation(backup plan)/tactical advantage build at the moment. I'll try a TR monk once I finish "light entertainment," and can move back up to inferno / I don't care so much about accidentally killing trash. For now, though I'm pretty happy with the DH - I've found that if I vault, then run until the tactical advantage boost runs out, then vault again, it usually ends up that my discipline runs out around the same time that the preparation cooldown is up...
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I would say it depends on your play style, but personally for me Monk - Tempest rush (look at my profile of Lady Monk for gears and build)

Note - you may find that my DPS is too low, so for unique hunting you dont need to find them on higher difficulties, you can do it on Nightmare, but still if you want, keep your gear in your inventory and swap it as and when needed (keeping gear in stash is not recommended at all if you are playing Hardcore)

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