Diablo® III

The Five Kingdoms: The Challenge



To explore the synergy of skills, builds and classes when some of the forums’ most knowledgeable players are given a challenge to complete within a set budget. Through this Challenge, I am hoping we can all learn from some of our games finest, the thought processes they go through to when selecting characters, builds and purchasing gear to accomplish the Challenge. As such, I would like the majority of discussions to remain in open forum.

I am hoping we can all learn something from each other.



Each class will provide a team of at least 4 players, who will then complete the 4 stages of the Challenge.

Fighters – these are the 4 players that will use the 4 team characters to complete the Challenges. I will also allow up to 2 reserve Fighters who can fill in this role in the advent that any of the original 4 are not able to fulfill their roles for whatever reason.

Beyond this, each Class may involve as many Theory Crafters and Gearers as they wish.

Team Composition

Each Team is to consist of at least 1 character of their class, and at least 2 characters of 2 other classes.
To qualify for a Class Team either:
1. That Class must be your main by elite kills OR
2. You must have at least 20,000 elite kills in that class


The Challenges will be broken into 4 stages, with the results due 3 days apart.

Act I: The Ubers
Enter the Festering Woods and kill the 2 elites in the Crypt of the Ancients and the Warrior’s Rest.
Return to Tristram and kill the 6 Ubers.
Time starts on entry into the Festering Woods and ends at the fall of the last Uber.
2 NV are required to be maintained by all team members

Act II: Belial
Enter the Citadel and kill Belial and all his minions
Time starts on entry into the Citadel and ends with the fall of Belial
100% monster and map clear required for this stage.

Act III: Azmodan
Enter the Core of Arreat and kill Azmodan
Times starts as soon as the team arrives at the Core of Arreat Waypoint and ends will the fall of Azmodan
100% monster and map clear required.

Act IV: Diablo
Kill Diablo
Time starts on entry into Diablo’s Lair and ends with the fall of Diablo.

No shrines at any time
Deaths will incur a time penalty of 10s, which will be added to the run time.
In maps requiring 100% monster and map clear, failure of strict adherence to this will result in disqualification of that run.
Teams are free to stream or not as they wish. For the purposes of this Challenge however, only posted video evidence will be accepted.
All 4 team members will be required to post their version of the run.
Either prior to the run beginning or after the run is complete, each team member is required to open and scan EVERY item in their inventory, except potions.
The deadline for posts will be set at 12 midnight, American Eastern Standard Time on the nominated day


Each team will be given 4B gold to gear their characters.
Within this budget, the teams may spend the gold as they see fit. The gold does not need to be spent evenly across the four characters and alternate gear may be substituted in and out for the various tasks, as long as the budget is not exceeded.
No crafted gear

Purchase Conditions

Photo evidence is required for every gear purchase, both the price and the time.
Teams may purchase via bid or BIN
In the case of BIN items, items cannot be purchased prior to 1’10hrs. This is to prevent teams from posting dummy auctions for team mates. I think with the caliber of the players we are involving, this will not happen anyway but this will remove any doubt.
Gear purchases are only allowed within the specified time period


The winning team will be given all 20 gear sets to distribute amongst their community as they see fit.

SCHEDULE (Preliminary)

Sunday, 21st of July
Team nominations for the Fighters are to be completed
Teams who fail to nominate at least 4 players willing to compete will be assumed not to want to participate. Their 4B gold will be given to the winning team. If this scenario eventuates, I would ask that this gold be used to produce starter sets for new players.

Wednesday, 24th of July
Gold is handed over and gearing commences

Saturday, 3rd of August
Gearing is to be completed.

The Challenge Due Dates

The runs may be made and recorded at any stage after the completion of gearing. However, posts are due on the below dates.

Act I: Tuesday, 6th of August
Act II: Friday, 9th of August
Act III: Monday, 12th of August
Act IV: Friday, 15th of August
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To the Council of Five

Could I ask that you post here to let me know that you have seen this, and acknowledge that it has started. Can I also trouble you to inform the other Council Members that may not have seen this post.

Lastly, could you also please create a discussion thread in your forum. Your next step will be to recruit a team. I would like to re-emphasise that I wish the majority of discussions to occur in open forum.
@ Trolls

To those people trying to sabotage this challenge, know that it will proceed. If not on this forum than another.

You also know that, to make a report, you must be logged in, and so your activities are thus also logged. Last time I was reported and banned, I did not bother to proceed. This time know that I will do everything in my power to have you tracked down and banned.

So feel free to report again, it will make you even easier to track down.

Hear hear.
You get 'em Morpheus!
Thanks silver, now for the others.
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Am I correct in assuming the challenge is off in EU due to lack of interest? ;(
Hi Necksnapper

You, Haj, Lifestream and some of the other guys have been great. But my plans A, B and C for Europe have all simmered away, and our EU trolls don't seem to like me much over there :) I guess they don't know me from a bar of soap.

Detox is still happy to sponsor teams however. If you guys would like to organise a team or to, I'd love to see that happen and we can go for plan D :)

Are you volunteering to be the EU co-ordinator?
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07/15/2013 01:27 AMPosted by Morpheus
Are you volunteering to be the EU co-ordinator?


I can ask around a second time which (if any) teams are interested to participate. Perhaps now when the exact challenge is defined the interest will be greater.
yo....checking in. I'll make a discussion thread. I'll also mention that if any of the EU based, but US Forum Wizards, should check in on the EU forums if they want to join that team. We'd love to have the compete with us, but it'd also be good for the EU forums to have their own back for this challenge, if that might help them liven up their forums a bit.

gl all!
Hi Pie

Good to see you mate. I'm looking forward to this :)

@ Council

When creating your threads, please try to make it obvious that the thread is yours and can't be interpreted as you posting for me. I'm trying to ensure that everything stays within the ToS.
Looks to me like only the Barbs and the Wizards have a thread going in their respective communities to discuss the challenge...boo!
Okay, monk thread is up and running ... let's hope people get excited! :D


WD discussion:

p.s. @ Morph. Have fun double checking the GvS video timing. I think there's a chance it might even be a tie. XD
sounds fun :)
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morph..... shud make a sixth contender.... the aussie forum!
So the details of the 5 Kingdoms: The Challenge is revealed.

Brace yourselves Nephalam's, Sanctuary is divided.

    - House of Monks : Druin
    - House of Barbarians : silverfire
    - House of Demon Hunters : DiEoxidE
    - House of Wizards : PieHole
    - House of Witch Doctors : Trefnwyd

Good luck to all the teams and may the best and fairest win.
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