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The Five Kingdoms: Barbarian Wing

All right, ladies and gentlemen, the Five Kingdoms competition is officially being kicked off. The first step for us is going to be to pick four Fighters to represent the barbarian class. Let's start hearing nominations, with the criteria being skill and general prowess, with knowledge of other classes being a plus.

Death#1408 (Captain) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Death-1408/
Chazhang #1745 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Chazhang-1745/
zylog #1818 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/zylog-1818/
Adi#2646 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Adi-2646/

Link to the contest thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9485268625

Excerpt of the criteria for contestants:



Each class will provide a team of at least 4 players, who will then complete the 4 stages of the Challenge.

Fighters – these are the 4 players that will use the 4 team characters to complete the Challenges. I will also allow up to 2 reserve Fighters who can fill in this role in the advent that any of the original 4 are not able to fulfill their roles for whatever reason.

Beyond this, each Class may involve as many Theory Crafters and Gearers as they wish.

Team Composition

Each Team is to consist of at least 1 character of their class, and at least 2 characters of 2 other classes.
To qualify for a Class Team either:
1. That Class must be your main by elite kills
2. You must have at least 20,000 elite kills in that class

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Glad to see this get underway. I'm excited to see what the "Barbarian Wing" can bring to the table!
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How about...Detox and Nubtro?
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This is for the NA server.
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I have to say, Death would be my #1 choice to represent barbarssss. I would be willing to participate, but wouldn't want to take the place of more deserving fellas here. So, count me in if you need another barb player, even if it's as a reserve. I have no significant knowledge of other classes though.
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Silverfire is our liason so I don't think he can be a fighter (but I definitely would have agreed with that nomination).

Death, PhatPhoEater, and Celanian are great choices. I'm not sure who among them know a class other than barb though. We'll have to hear from them on that.
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Death would be my first choice. I haven't seen him on for a couple of days, I hope he didn't get pissed at the trolls who got him banned.

Phat would be a fine choice too. He may need to be coaxed out of his recent move to BF3.

I don't know Celanian, but I've read his posts about a4 mp10. Anyone who can cope with that knows what they're doing.
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Honored to be mentioned, but I can't contribute anything beyond barbs. I was too cheap to gear other chars for "real" builds. I'm taking a hiatus from the game anyway. Gooball is right, I'm spending time playing BF3. I'm actually watching TV instead of playing D3.

If anyone is interested in running BF3 with me, my origin tag is phatphoeater. I don't know if that's the only info you need to add.
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You know, if I was running this, I'd approach it a little differently :).

I'd probably gather the best theory crafters and decide on a team composition first ie Barb x 2, WD, Wiz or Barb, Wiz, WD, Monk etc. Then I'd choose the best people with these characters to form the team.

Death would have my vote as Barb and Captain also. He is a great warrior and has good knowledge of all the classes. Certainly if you feel that you want 2 Barbarians in the team, another Barb warrior would be a good idea, whether that is Phat, Celanian, KingBenjamin etc.

I'm thinking though that guys like Chazhang and Zaknaril would be highly valuable to this team due to there excellent knowledge of all the classes.
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Wait Morph didn´t Chaz tell you about his renegade team haha?

Anyway, would you be so kind and specifiy the team building? I mean the fact that every member of the Barbarian team, no matter what class he´ll end up playing, has to have a Barb as their main (20k elite kills with it).

So basically people should search for Barb players who also have other classes at high paragon levels (to not lose much ground due to less attributes).

I understood it this way. Am I mistaken?
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Hi Nubtro

He did!! But he chickened out after I told him about the rest of the Challenge :).

That will mean though that he is free to join Team Barb. I think you Sir would also be the ideal candidate, at the very least as a Theory Crafter :).

What do you think the team composition should be? Barb, CM wiz, Monk and WD? That's what I would have thought.
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@ silverfire

Oh, I forgot to say "The Five... : Barbarian Wing"!!!

You're not very poetic my friend, sounds like a kind of fried chicken :)
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Oh I might´ve missed the final decision on the actual challenges.

After hearing Chaz getting like >65 theoretical DEs with his team (2 barbs, wiz and monk) in a 30 minute test (with good RNG though), I´d say that combo could be a good candidate as well.

It depends on on whether the WD snapshot is useful or hindering for the challenges.
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The full details are over the way.

Might be an idea to include the Challenge details in your OP too silver?
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Gogo team barb.
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Hi Light!!!!

I see you have a very nice WD my friend :)
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Teams I think would work best:
2 barbs, a monk and a wiz;
1 of each: barb, WD, monk, wiz.
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Teams I think would work best:
2 barbs, a monk and a wiz;
1 of each: barb, WD, monk, wiz.

Agree with that. DH is a bit too out of sorts for this competition.
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I'd probably gather the best theory crafters and decide on a team composition first ie Barb x 2, WD, Wiz or Barb, Wiz, WD, Monk etc. Then I'd choose the best people with these characters to form the team.


Also we probably need to do a little more due diligence than just to toss out different group compositions without discussing the "why's and whatfor's". Remember:

1. Group synergy and buffing needs to be discussed.

2. We have 3 events, not just Ubers, so we need to be thinking about each event when discussing group composition.

3. Each team only gets 4b gold so we need to keep gearing these classes in mind too as to what is best for this particular challenge.

Issues like having a wizard be Archon for the farming run but CM for Ubers. That's the kind of things we should be discussing. What skill buildout differences should we plan for in each event for each class? What will each class "role" be in each challenge?

I think having a clear cut "team leader" would be a good way to start, for now, and it sounds like Death is the unanimous vote (from the other threads and from this one) to be Team Barbarian's leader. So the question is...is he interested in participating and would he like to be the lead to help spear head this discussion?
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