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Hi Guys

I'm loving reading this thread, great work :)

@ silverfire

Mate, could you modify the OP so that it is obvious that this thread is yours and not just posted for me? Thanks buddy.

Hi lameboi

Actually you were someone I was specifically thinking of when I made that rule. I think you'd be a fantastic asset to any team, you've shown that you have a lot of knowledge and skill in many of the classes.

You have also however spent the vast majority of your recent time as a Wizard and Witch Doctor and have been playing Barb for a week or two. Hence I think the Wizards and Witch Doctors would find it unfair to have you now playing for Team Barbarian.

I was actually hoping you would be playing for the Wizards mate.
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Hi Guys

I'm loving reading this thread, great work :)

@ silverfire

Mate, could you modify the OP so that it is obvious that this thread is yours and not just posted for me? Thanks buddy.

I made some small adjustments but I'm not sure what you had in mind?
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If you can remove reference to me that would be great :)
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Here's a question: Is gear snapshotting allowed? It's not really my idea but I was just thinking of different things that might come up...
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I have 2 mp10 barbs (different builds) and an mp10 wiz...1 barb which meets your requirements easily.

I could nominate myself if it is needed. Most of you guys seem to know quite a bit about barbs and I would be more than happy to destroy things with you, however, it would strongly depend on when this is going to happen and for what sort of duration, I do tend to work a lot. :-)

PS: As strange as it sounds I do farm almost daily with a DH who owns mp10 inferno, ubers, basically anything that needs to be killed without getting worked if you gentlemen would like to consider one in your calculations.
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07/15/2013 01:48 PMPosted by Death
Also gearing a Cyclone monk isnt terribly hard or expensive either and they provide a huge utility to the group with buffs and keeping the monsters clumped up. So we should be looking to get both monk and wiz to around 150k DPS.

I agree with Death on this, I think for our budget, we have to get all the damage we can get from everyone in the party even though their skill build is more oriented toward support.

I'm ready to build/play a cyclone monk if you guys want me. I would provide utility with cyclone, overawe and guiding light, as well as decent dps with FoT and SW. My mobility spell of choice would be dashing strike because it doesn't require a lot of spirit, it helps positioning for cyclone strike and catching fleeing mobs or dashing on kite bosses (aka Kulle).

After my testing and my observation of other monks experience, I think it would be easier to make a skorn build for the challenge: with the guardian's path passive our spirit gain is comparable to dual wield, but with a higher dps at a lower budget. Skorn also does more damage with sweeping wind and cyclone strike casts. With higher end builds that require less lifesteal, dual wield becomes a better approach.

I think it would be important to set a voice chat channel for the team so the communication can be optimal. That would improve the clear times.

In any case, I hope the barbarian community team with prevail, and I would like to be a part of it if there is a place for me.
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@silverfire... I have a plvl59 DH that could be of use? I am volunteering for this if there are openings.
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Christ---I'm trying to wrap my mind around Death and Llama being in the same game together (those are my barb picks) as I've had the pleasure to uber with both....100% beasts. Tactics and positioning are 2nd nature to them.
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When we research and post useful info for this challenge, I think it would be fair if there was some sort of gentleman´s agreement that the other class forums
-> have access to it and
-> mention where the info came from (link + note of class forums).

I´m talking about the following stuff that I believe needs to be figured out so that we can optimize gear and build sets:

1. uber/boss monster type, max health, elemental resists (if any)
2. uber/boss monster attack list, their element and type (ranged/melee/other), actual damage range (highest burst)
5. how certain party skills correlate (additive, multiplicative, stacking, overwriting)
6. other misc info:
- snapshot mechanics (optimized builds and gear swapping)
- elite damage and reduction gear
- demon damage gear
- elemental skills damage bonus gear

I believe it should be clear how each type of info could be useful to theorycraft and efficiently gear up. This shouldn´t take long considering there´s just 6 ubers and 3 bosses and most of the other stuff has already been researched. It´d be nice if people would help me out with this a bit.

How to test actual monster damage. You have to calculate your exact mitigation and get hit a few times, record it and write down the values. It gets tricky for DoTs/field effects as your mouse cursor needs to be on your health bar (globe). Don´t forget to display damage numbers. Then you either reverse calc the damage or post your data (including your mitigation values or at least amor/resists) and someone else does the calcs.

For mitigation, make it as simple as possible:
-> innate barb reduction (*0.7)
-> armor reduction (*1 - (armor / (armor + 3150)) and
-> elemental resistance (*1 - (resist / (resist + 315)

UBER Rakanoth
UBER Skeleton King
UBER Maghda
UBER Siegebreaker
UBER Zoltun Kulle
BOSS Belial
BOSS Azmodan
BOSS Diablo (stage 1, 2 and 3)

You may use this post as reference, I´ll update it with with the info we gather.
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Will there be streams to watch the action?
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@ suddenZenith

I'm not sure if mobility spells are even needed for this type of challenge, I've done at least 200 uber carries on my monk and I always just relied on the thunderclap teleport to get out of time bubbles or to chase Kulle, with well timed blinding flashes to disable them when they want to run away. With proper play from a CM wizard that isn't even needed as the bosses should be locked down all fight.

@ Nubtro

Do we have to figure in things like elite, melee and ranged reduction too?
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Hi Mate

I think silver must be a little pre-occupied at the moment, he just hasn't updated the OP. I think it is clear that you will lead Team Barbarian.

Looking at some of the other threads too, I think Team Barb needs to have a more directed discussion as the thread seems to be drifting without an defined purpose currently :)
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3 barbs and cm wiz would be effective, but tacy and Idk if it is against rules. And death I could have sworn I saw it somewhere but now can't find it.
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Hi Omega

Maximum of 2 Barbs allowed. Even it that wasn't the case though, I don't know if I'd agree with your selection :)

Here is the link to the Official Thread with the rules:

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I see sorry i've been pretty preoccupied :P as i don't want to muck challange thread up how will difference in paragons be handled in this one? Most likely will be a big difference as barb team won't have too many p100 wizy, wd, monk, dh (even though i doubt use of DH) laying around

Seems to me in pubs that WD (firebats) Wiz (freeze) Monk (cc) and Barb (hota) have a great semetry. Except the monk bell witch can be at times difficult to upkeep wrath chasing victums around
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You've done well mate, I'm very proud of you and all the guys :). And yes, I think that would probably be a better combination, though if you look through all the Class threads, there are different ideas being thrown around.
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Can I join to fill a wiz slot?

4 bill budget by 4 chars. I think our barb veterans good enough to gear their barbs with one bil and with the help of cm wiz... it's gonna be a walk in the park.

My friend is generous enough to give me a set of cm gears to try out. It cost him 30mil. I took it and went to do mp 10 group games. No issues at all. I haven't tested ubers yet as you can see it has basically No dps.

4Bil - 30 mil = 3.97 bill for the last 3 chars. Lol sounds so efficient huh?
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Hi Light

I would have thought you'd be better off nominating as a WD considering your WD is paragon 77 mate.
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