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Cloud of Bats Build - 1h or 2h?

Hey guys,

After my Barb reaches Paragon 100 (which should be any day now) I'm planning to start leveling my Witch Doctor. I'd like to use a Cloud of Bats build, but I'm not sure what weapon to equip. Currently, I'm running around with a One-Handed Axe and a Thing of the Deep. I've heard that a Lifesteal Skorn is a better choice, but I'm worried about losing the Mana Regen and Max Mana from my froggie. What happens if I get into the middle of a huge pack and suddenly go OOM? And will Grave Injustice still work without the +20 Pickup Radius?

Here's my WD's profile:


Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks.
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Thanks, whoopadeedoo. What gem do you recommend I put in my weapon? I notice you have an Emerald, but I see some CoB Docs with a Marquise Ruby...there doesn't seem to be any real consensus on which is better.
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D3up for gem choice
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All the details are in here.

Once you understand the concepts and gear-build relationship, you'll be ready to make your own choice. Going further from there, you can explore your own unique gear and skill build combinations.
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07/15/2013 04:37 PMPosted by WordMaster
Mana Regen and Max Mana from my froggie

CoB don't need huge PUR since everything dies inside 8 yards; check my build/gear; mana is 98% of the time never any issue; for group play then higher PUR helps a lot
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Do you want up to only 3% lifesteal, have to kite your mobs, and have to worry about mana management -OR- not have to worry about those three factors?

If your choice is the latter, I suggest a skorn.

5%+ lifesteal and, IMO, you can stack up to three pieces of attack speed and not worry about mana management. Oh and face tanking mobs is always better than kiting them. I mean we aren't in 1.0.3 anymore. :)
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If you have to kite or worry about mana management with a 1hander, you're doing something VERY, VERY wrong.

1h/mojo is more expensive but you get more mana regen, much, much more DPS, and you don't even have to kite.

Just hit spirit walk (while holding down CoB button) if you're in a plague/arcane/desecrator/jailor bull****. Do the same if the reflect damage elite decides to freakin' pop his RD bubble.

Oh, also, I have tried running a tal's chest + mempo + manajumas (and swapped back and forth with a rare mana regen knife), with a mana regen serpent, and have reached over 310k DPS, 1.99 APS yet did not lack mana at all, all while using only one passive (BR). Currently writing a guide for it, with video and image feedback to prove that 1h/mojo doesn't have mana issues when played properly.

As in the manajumas, Ruby all the way.
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