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Get your boys and girls ready to kick some !@#:

And uhhh, dibs on one of the set if you guys win? LOL
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Tref - I've not been following this closely so I dont know if you are considering a CM wiz in team of 4. In anycase if you do, I'd recommend Neuron to help shop for the set. He's the most knowledgeable wiz thats a wd and one that understands the nats gearing route well, which will be the setup needed for most effective freeze. Just also want to sound out that the rule about class needing to be your main is just a stupid rule. An elite kill threshold should suffice.

Other than that, looking at the comp format, I think using a SoJ by all team members is a no brainer.
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To qualify for a Class Team either:
1. That Class must be your main by elite kills, OR
2. You must have at least 20,000 elite kills in that class

My guess it is to reduce/prevent the "poaching" of skilled players from the other classes.
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Thanks Eclipse, must have missed the OR. Your explanation makes sense.
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Tref : let me know if would like me to give my theory craft on the challenge. I have some HUGE HUGE pointers, - that i have NOT mentioned on forums here (TEAM WD!!!) yet due to my old age (40+), the fact i have my children staying with me for the week of challenge, and slower reactions i will not put myself forward for the team unless asked.

Is 1 piece of gear, all classes can use, that will "speed" us all up a _minimum_ of 12% - not getting more specific in public forums that will make us kick Demon booty!

However. 99% of all my elite kills are in a party. I can build a party (+ played all classes from launch) very very well.

And i am team WD(US) all the way. - i can pass along some of my tips to PaulNG, but add me so we can talk

<edit> 1 hint given if you can read my long/shorthand!
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Hey Guys!

I'll be home in a few hours and will have plenty of time to get this rolling tonight. KurOsawa thank for suggesting Neuron. I had actually wanted you as the Wiz...feel like getting another fewk elite kills on your wd :P

Skitz I'll definitely be adding you as well. I know the general gameplay of wd very well, but I'll definitely be looking for suggestions from players who like to mix things up a bit (weird builds, S&B, etc).

More details to come in a few hours!
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