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Mana Management - 2H Question/COB


Firstly, appreciate the help I've gotten last few weeks here so thanks for that. Helpful community.

My newest question is how to improve mana management using cob and 2h. I feel I should have it easier given my slower attack speed but without using blood ritual (which I would like to dump) I go out of mana fast. My guess is that it's my technique - maybe I move to much and the recasting is draining me too fast? Anyway, looking for tips on improving. The only other char I've played was my barb for the past year and frankly you have to do a lot more thinking playing a WD - and my brain may be a bit mushy from whirl winding in circles for the past 9 months or so.

Also, sold off a few of my barb pieces and made a few upgrades based on what I've read here. Still need more dps and hp, but in coming along. Things are expensive.
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Why do you want to dump BR? Generally speaking, we use 1 mana passive.

SoJ + stacking of %IAS gears go hand-in-hand. It is an advanced and expensive gearing path for 2H users.

If you're looking for techniques, then I suggest you read my CoB guide from the beginning. What you will learn after understanding all the concepts and topics, will definitely help you a lot in your long journey ahead.

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I suggest you to drop corpse spiders and use locust-pestilence to draw mobs to you. You just have to stand there and start channeling. Less mana needed for channeling than to recast.
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if mana is an issue then drop 1 MP and try... no issue? Too high MP

ALSO, most important thing is TIMING FOR SPIRIT WALK! If you're facing anything with knockback, etc. then you MUST be able to time your cast perfectly to avoid (recast).

Probably THE most important thing I learned since picking up my nubian princess again :P

You can try my build also; it's super effective
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Hey Raged, you really don't have any need for using mana passives. You're using a 2h and have almost no additional attack speed. You character should actually be able to handle another 2-3 ias items without needing to use BR. I think you'll find the problem is that you're recasting too often, or you're not timing spirit walk correctly. You should definitely read Paul's guide for bats - it is incredibly in-depth and will go through everything you need to know. Imo your mana management will get better with practice - there is no need to change gear or build.

I uploaded a video to youtube a few days ago of me doing a VotA run with a very similar setup to yours, but with worse gear. I had 120k dps (with a SoJ) and 450k ehp, and I was able to clear mp10 VotA in about 8 mins. I didn't use any mana passives and I never ran out of mana. As I say, my build and gear setup was very similar to yours (2h), I just had less dps. Note how in each battle I try to sit and channel for as long as possible. This not only saves mana, but it also maximizes dps output.

Here's the video:
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07/16/2013 01:12 AMPosted by Trefnwyd
or you're not timing spirit walk correctly

virtually guarantee this is the case; it takes a lot of practice
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Thanks for the advice everyone.

@PaulNG your guide was very helpful, thanks. To answer your question, The reason I was asking about dropping BR if possible was to swap in JF if possible when soloing. That's why I was curious about it.

Also, to other comments I definitely think you are right about spirit walk - I need to work on using that better timing wise. Will also swap out the spiders for locust and try that out. I also need to juggle hex and horrify better - I sometimes double up on those at the wrong time which is a waste it seems in most cases.

Thanks again.
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If you want to dump BR to use JF, I highly suggest going the 1h/mojo way.

There's a point where upgrades for a 2h build are so expensive it is not worth it anymore, and going the 1h/mojo way is just better.

Before I sold my WD's pve gear (the gear you see has been my pvp set, which pBeybq copied. wtf.), I calculated on d3up with an impossible 1700 dps skorn, 6ls, 200 chd, etc etc. and I was losing both mana regen, ehp and massive DPS.

With the 1h build, I wasn't using any kind of mana regen passive and I could stand still channeling bats and actually GAIN mana. Add GI and GF to that, and laugh at your blue orb trying to go down.

Now, let me point you to the right 1h/mojo combo.

If you have pickup range on other pieces (Minimum 7, as this is CoB-hitting range), you can pickup a 49-50% Damage (this is important !), 90+ CHD, 2.9-3 LS, 185+ int, 990+ DPS (Hit over the 1k bar if you're rich), open socket Manajuma's Carving Knife. You will want a Marquise Ruby in there. It will outdo the emerald by a few thousand DPS.

As for the offhand, you should get a Zunimassa's String of Skull. Highest damage possible of course, with a good Crit roll, good int roll and either vitality or another roll you'd like. The mana regen on there works wonders with the Zuni set bonus, and the String allows you to drop one of the other droppable Zuni pieces; Helmet (the 100 max mana isn't very useful as your Mana bar doesn't even go down. You can drop this for an eHP helm such as Tal Rasha's if you use tal's amulet and gain +3% Firebats damage !), chestpiece (though I don't know what you'd do that) or the zuni pox (unless you can afford a trifecta, high-crit Zuni Pox, a rare ring will always be better. If you don't like attack speed, this is even more of a good change.). The Zuni boots are, of course, mandatory.

The other choice, if you're a billionaire, would be to use Zuni's Helm, Chest, Boots and Ring, and grab a Manajuma's Gory Fetch as your offhand. Technically, if you get a really good roll on these, the +130 int set bonus coming with the knife/mojo duo is the best you can get.

Finally, you'll feel you are really casting smoother but the lack of LS might give you trouble with Reflect Damage affixes at first. You need to learn to use Spirit Walk and then burst them down.

Let me know if you have any question; Ontario#1271

Also, 1h/mojo holds the higher DPS, while Skorn is really just about the LS.
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As others have said, you shouldn't need BR for your build - certainly not for Act 1.

Parts of Act 3 & 4 very annoying though - you *want* to stop and start CoB pretty frequently to chase down mobs that won't come to you - but you can quickly run yourself out of Mana.

I've started running Circle of Life (passive) and Sacrifice (pride) and I can't believe how good it is. Not only is it a free big burst of damage, but it refills your globe too! I've gained so much mobility with this combo - I even use it in Act 1 now too just because it is more fun. But against ranged/kiting mobs it's really helpful.

You just have to practice your timing a bit with it .. don't want to use it in the middle of a good channel - but right before or after you move if you need mana or see a big blowup opportunity.

I'm surprised CoL/Pride doesn't get the same kind of forum love the pestilence gets. Perhaps most people stick to act 1?
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