Diablo® III

Back from break, took some of your CoB advise

Well I'm back and it feels good.. wish I would of never took so many months off!

I'm currently running A1 MP8 runs.

I run Festering > Leorics > Weeping > Fields > Whim

I also feel I am getting low mana with bears and wondering should I try replacing bears with Locus/Pest?

Also what item(s) should I absolutely upgrade first? I haven't been in the AH in nearly 4 months. Within 1Bill gold.

Thank you all!

Glad to be back.

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I use Locust Swarm - Pestilence... it works great with CoB because it pulls huge groups of mobs to you, which means fewer re-casts for CoB.

Your bracers seem to be the weakest piece of your gear, so I would suggest upgrading those first. 4.5% isn't terribly high cc, and I personally think that knockback is one of the worst mods you can have on your gear for a CoB build (second only to fear).

After your bracers, I would say your helm. Unless you really need that extra mana regen (which, in my opinion, you shouldn't...), you should either look to get cc or a higher vit roll.

Otherwise, I think you're in pretty good shape.
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Thank you, yea I think I should start crafting bracers. I have a 6% CC zuni (best 1mil UNID I ever bought) but I was testing the MR over the dmg increase. I think I do gain like 12K dmg with it. I should check that out. Also I never thought about the knockback on the bracers. I havent played in months so I totally forgot about that.. thanks for pointing that out!

Also as for followers Ive read about the IAS/Freeze Enchantress (I do have an amazing freeze weapon I got when before everyone decided to start buying them). But I have been using the Rogue.. (gosh look at his gear!) lol.. so do you guys have a preference?

Thank you again!
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When I rolled with bears, I used to use the enchantress equipped with a Maximus because it was like getting two followers for the price of one. Now, though, I don't use any... they just get in the way of baddies walking into my blender.
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Hemo is correct, to save mana run COB aka the CHAINSAW!

And locusts- pestilance will almost act like a monk pull and bring them right into your line of fire.

And as long as u got about 80mana regen you can hold that badboy down for hours.

Try it out mate!

Good luck!

Respect to all the WD's doing their thing!
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