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What's the fastest way to level a character?

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I'm interested in starting a few characters with some friends, but to be honest, I'd prefer to get into Inferno sooner than later, since we've all played through the game multiple times each on every difficult, save for Inferno (I'm the only one who beat it, I think).

I've been away from the game for a while, and I discovered that Monster Power lets you level more quickly while also being more difficult. Really, I would be happy with just that, but is there a way to actually power-level characters now? I don't remember any PL'ing going on when I played before, so I don't know whether there's a mechanic in place to prevent it or not.

Perhaps one of you is more informed? :D
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Basically you gear up for defense and + exp on kill, till lvl 23 or so.
Then oyu equip Cains set for extra exp, wear a leorics signt ring and a hellfire ring, stick a ruby in your helm, and have someone level you by running Keeps2 MP10 of whatever difficulty are on.
I used to charge 100k a level, but I think the price has went up quite a bit.
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Level 1-14: Use a good hellfire ring, plus good hellfire ring in your follower

Level 15-41: Use a hellfire ring, leorics signet, plus hellfire ring, and leorics signet in your follower. Use a radiant star ruby in a socketed weapon, and a radiant star ruby in a socketed helm.

Level 42-60: As above, but use reduced level requirement gear.
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If you follow the above you can hit Level 60 in about 6 hours.
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The fastest way is to ask someone to help you with power leveling. Power leveling at normal mp 10 until your char reach lvl 25 then move over to nightmare mp 10 until you reach lvl 50. Then do hell mp 10 until you reach lvl 60. From lvl 1 to lvl 60 it take you only a few hours.

If you need help I can help you to power level your char free of charge.
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its funny how softcore guys still dont know how to level efficiently. just need a hellfire, and a good gem and of course cains set (leorics optional)

act 1 quest 6. go to festering woods and the right most crypt, kill skeletons on mp10 until level 15.
socket on helm/swords now
act 3 - run rakkis and/or keeps until level 23, equip a cains set, level to 25
kill diablo, go to nightmare
repeat act 3 until level 50, then go to hell
repeat until 60

takes like 3-4 hours, less if you have a good caster rushing you
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Having someone run you through MP10 normal Keeps 2 until level 25 is your best bet to start.

At level 1, equip a Hellfire Ring for the 35% EXP bonus.

At level 14, equip a Leoric's Signet for another 20-30%

At level 23, equip three pieces from the Cain's Fate set. Add a Radiant Star Ruby to the helm (or be baller with a Marquise).

Enter Nightmare and have someone run you through MP10 Nightmare Keeps 2 until level 50.

At level 33, equip Slave Bonds http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/slave-bonds for bonus movement speed to keep up with your leveling buddy.

Enter Hell and have someone you run you through level 60, repeating MP10 Keeps 2 as before.

For solo, it takes much longer. You should still equip the bonus EXP gear and MS items as before, but a high DPS weapon is more important to clear MP10. At levels <30, get a weapon with a socket ASAP and throw in a high level ruby.

Between levels 30-42, use Spectrum http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/spectrum-Fa7AX

It can roll >600 DPS, making it the best early levels twink weapon.

After level 42, you can try getting a reduced level requirement weapon that's higher DPS than Spectrum. High LOH at any point in time is great for survivability.

Get access to Keeps 2 at any difficulty level as soon as you can and just grind until you reach the required levels to unlock new difficulties.
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Ah, just woke up, sorry it took a bit to get back! Anyways, I would definitely welcome the help, if you guys are willing to, although no worries if not :)

I did pick up the Cain set, although there are no Hellfire Rings listed, and I couldn't afford a Leoric's Signet. My Barb is only 11 atm, so he's a few levels away from the Cain set, but I shouldn't think it'll be too big a deal.

In any case, if anyone *does* want to shoot me an invite or anything, my Battletag is Terin#1651
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Why not use Whimsyshire? Hell, I got 6 levels in 15 minutes (18 thru 23) playing mp10 with my DH Archie. Sure, I died 4 or 5 times, but once you get a socketed weapon with LS and can toss a radiant star ruby into it you crank thru the exp. Then I grabbed the Leoric's gear and partied. I ran Whimsyshire again in the mid-30's but only got 2 levels for the same 15 minutes of work. I got a nice piece of hell level gear for it though (high dex gloves).
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